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Q: What is the rule of dimensionless quantity?
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Which dimensionless quantity has unit?

If a quantity is "dimensionless", that means it has no units, and it's just a number.

Is specific weight is a dimensionless quantity?

energy/mass example: calories/gram

Does a dimensionless quantity have a unit?

No, a dimensionless quantity does not have a unit because it represents a pure number without any physical dimension. Examples of dimensionless quantities include ratios, proportions, and mathematical constants.

What are dimensionless numbers?

the dimensionless numbers have the definition as that of dimensionless groups, and have all the properties which dimensionless groups have.

Can a quantity have units but still be dimensionless?

No. "Dimensionless" means there are NO units involved.

Can a quantity have constant value and be dimensionless?

Yes. Conversion factors will generally be dimensionless constants.

Can a quantity have unit and still be diamensionless?

No, a quantity cannot have units and still be dimensionless. The dimensions of a quantity are determined by its units, so if a quantity has units, it has dimensions. Dimensionless quantities are those without any units.

Is the magnitude of a vector quantity a dimensionless number?

Yes, the magnitude of a vector is a scalar.

Which of the following is dimensionless quantity a. stress b. strain c. momentum d. force?

Strain is dimensionless quantity because strain is the ratio of the same quantities like change in length/original length,,change in volume/original volume. e.g tensile strain=(change in length)/(original length)=m/m (S.I unit) so its a dimensionless quantity.

What are the units of the coefficient of friction?

The coefficient of friction is a unitless value because it represents a ratio of the force required to move an object over a surface to the weight of the object. Since it is a ratio of two forces, it does not have any units associated with it.

Can a quantity have units but still be dimension less give example?

Yes, a quantity can have units but still be dimensionless if the units cancel out when they are raised to the power of 0. For example, specific volume (volume per mass) has units of m^3/kg, but when you divide volume by mass, the units cancel out and it becomes dimensionless.

What are the units that friction is measured in?

The coefficient of friction is dimensionless; it has no units.