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The total tax is $38.89

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Q: What is the sales tax of 3.8 percent on a purchase of 1023.41?
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Describe how to find the cost of a purchase if you know the percent of the tax and the amount of the sales tax on the purchase?

take the amount of the sales tax and divide it by the percent of the tax... i was on that same question on my hw

The sales tax on the purchase of a refrigerator that costs 695 is 7 percent what is the amount of sales tax?

The sales tax is $48.65

What is the sales tax on a 8.50 purchase is the sales tax is 6.5 percent?

$0.05525 = $.06 = 6 cents.

How much sales tax is du on a purchase of 28 if the sales tax rate is 5 percent?

The total tax is $1.40

What percent of sales tax was on a 12.00 purchase if the tax paid was 0.72?


What percent of a purchase is tax?

Sales tax in the United States is applied by the individual states, or by their subsidiaries - counties and cities. As a result, the percent of a purchase that is tax varies depending at the least on what state you are making the purchase is. A few states have no sales tax at all.

The sales tax on a purchase of55 was 3.85 what was the tax rate percent?

The tax rate was about 7.5%

What is the tax on an 18 purchase when the sales-tax rate is 6.5 percent?


The sales tax rate is 7.5 percent what is the tax on a 12.40 purchase?

The tax on a $12.40 purchase at 7.5% is 93 cents.

What is the sales tax on an 8.50 purchase if the sales-tax rate is 6 12 percent?

The total tax is $0.55 and the total price with tax is $9.05.

Sarah bought a wedding dress that costs 700 What would be the sales tax on the purchase if the city sales tax rate is 3.3 percent and the state sales tax rate is 5.23 percent?

59.71 (A+)

What will be the sales tax percentage if you purchase a car in Massachusetts after August?

As of 2012 the sales tax on vehicles in MA is 6.25 percent.