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They have the same denominators.

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The denominator (bottom part).

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Q: What is the same about two fractions that are like fraction?
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Two fractions the same size are called?

equivalent fraction

What is the same about two fractions that are like fractions?

Fractions that are equivalent have the same values when simplified.

How do you multiply a negative fraction and a positive fraction?

The same as any two fractions. In this case, the answer will be negative.

Which fraction is greater if the two fractions have the same denomintors and different numerators?

The fraction that have the greatest numerator.

Describe a way to compare two fractions when the numerators are the same?

When the numerators are the same, the fraction with the lower demomenator is the bigger fraction.

What is the meaning of related fractions?

Two fractions are related when the denominator of one of the fraction is a multiple of the denominator of the other fraction. (Don't confuse with Like fractions)

What is a equivilent fraction?

Equivalent fractions are two or more fractions that refer to the same number, such as 1/2 and 2/4.

Why do you need like denominators to add and subtract fractions?

Finding a common denominator makes it possible to add two fractions because it allows us to write each fraction as a multiple of a common (usually smaller) fraction. Subtracting fractions works the same way; find a common denominator so that the fractions involved are in the same terms.

Does the denominator have to be the same when adding a fraction?

When adding two or more unlike fractions, yes.

How do you figure out a fraction of a fraction?

multiply the two fractions

What is the rule for subtracting fractions?

First, change it so that the two fractions have the same denominator (by changing the fractions into equivalent fractions). Once the two fractions have the same denominator, it is simply a case of subtracting the numerators, leaving the denominator the same. Finally, reduce the fraction to its lowest terms (if possible).

What is 5 over 12 in unlike and like fractions?

Like and unlike fractions only make sense when you have two [or more] fractions. One fraction, such as 5/12, is always like itself.

How do you compare two fractions whose numerators are the same?

If the fractions have the same numerator (top number), then the fraction with the larger denominator (bottom number) is the smaller fraction, which implies that the fraction with the smaller denominator is the larger fraction. For example with 1/2 and 1/4, it can be easily seen that 1/2 is the larger of the two.

Is the fraction with the greater than or less than the fraction with the lesser denominator?

To compare two fractions, you convert them to equivalent fractions with the same denominator. Then you can compare their numerators (top parts). In that case, the fraction with the larger numerator is larger.

Is a half an equivalent fraction?

Equivalent to what? No fraction is "equivalent" by itself; you can say that two or more fractions are equivalent, if they represent the same number.

How do you turn two fifths into one tenths in fractions?

Two fifths and one tenth are completely differentfractions - they are not equivalent values for the same fraction !

Describe a way to compare two fractions when the denominators are the same?

The bigger numerator is the bigger fraction.

When two fractions have the same part of a region or a set is called an improper or proper fraction?


What do you notice when the denominators in two fractions are the same?

You can represent the two fractions with one fraction with a numerator equal to the sum of the two individual numerators (with sign) and a denominator equal to just one of the two denominators.

Is the fraction 1-10 equivalent fractions?


What is the answer to divide two fraction?

The quotient of the two fractions.

What is an equavilent fraction?

That means that two fractions represent the same number. You can obtain equivalent fractions by multiplying top and bottom by the same number. For example, if you multiply top and bottom of "1/2" by 2, you get "2/4" - an equivalent fraction.

How do you change a fraction so they have the same denominator?

First, find a common denominator for the two (or more) fractions. Then, for each fraction, multiply numerator and denominator by the same number (different numbers for different fractions, though), to convert to the common denominator.

Find a fraction between each pair of fractions?

An easy method for finding a fraction between two fractions would be to take the average of two fractions. You find the average by adding the two fractions together and then dividing the final sum by 2.

If two fraction are the same what is it called?

Two fractions that are the same are called equivalent fractions. Example: 4/5 and 8/10. When two fractions are set equal to each other in an equation, that equation is called a proportion: 4/5 = x/10