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4.53E-4 connexus academy? You are not supposed to cheat. jus saying this answer is not correct anyway but just letting you know i was in connexus academy and i remeber this question. This is now in my interview test just a little lesson don't cheat because when you get ready to take the test you will not know any of the questions and you will be lost. Rewatch the videos and lear how to do it if you are stuck other than that, good luck!! :)

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Q: What is the scientific notation for 45300 1 point?
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What is the scientific notation for 0.77?

77 written in scientific notation is 7.7 × 10^1

How do you convert 0.4428 into scientific notation?

Since .4428 is to the ten thousandths place, and scientific notation only takes an integer, a decimal point and then the numbers after it, the scientific notation would be 4.428 * 10-1

What is 25 in scientific notation?

25 in scientific notation is 2.5 × 10^1 since you shift a decimal place to the left from the starting point of 25.0.

How do you write 99.7 in scientific notation?

To write 99.7 in scientific notation, you can move the decimal point to the right until there is only one non-zero digit to the left of the decimal point. Count the number of places you moved the decimal point. Since you moved it two places, the scientific notation representation of 99.7 would be 9.97 × 10^1.

How do you put 0.672 in scientific notation?

To put 0.672 in scientific notation, move the decimal point until you have a number between 1 and 10. In this case, you would move the decimal point two places to the right, resulting in 6.72. Therefore, 0.672 in scientific notation is 6.72 x 10^(-1).

How do you write .69 in scientific notation?

It is: 6.9*10^1 in scientific notation

What is scientific the notation for 0.8031?

The scientific notation for 0.8031 is 8.031 x 10^-1.

What is 31.3 in scientific notation?

31.3 in scientific notation is 3.13 x 10^1.

How do you convert 0.75 in scientific notation?

To convert 0.75 into scientific notation, you would write it as 7.5 x 10^(-1). The decimal point is moved one place to the left to create a number between 1 and 10, and the exponent -1 indicates that the decimal point has been moved to the left by one place.

What is 1 quadrillion in scientific notation?

1 quadrillion in Scientific Notation = 1 x 1015

How do you write 20 in scientific notation?

20 in scientific notation is 2 x 10^1

What is 27 in scientific notation?

It is: 2.7*10^0 in scientific notation