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there is no convention in general. it depends on what is measured and how. a fish tank maybe quoted different to a milling machine, to a swimming pool.

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Q: What is the sequence of width length and height when measuring dimensions?
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Does a point have the two dimensions of length and width?

No, a point has no length, width, or height and thus has no dimensions. It is defined by a set of coordinates, but itself has no dimensions. A line has length but no width or height, and thus has 1 dimension. a plane has length and width, but no height, and thus has 2 dimensions. a space has length, width and height, and thus has 3 dimensions.

Is the length and the dimensions is the same?

Length is one of the dimensions. Length, width, height etc. which can describe an object are called its dimensions.

Measuring length width height and distance are all forms of what measurement?

Measuring length, width, height, and distance are all forms of what measurement?

What is single dimension?

One dimension: Length Two dimensions: Length, Width Three dimensions: Length, Width, Height

What do you do to get area after measuring length and height?

What is the question?

What is spacial dimension?

Spacial dimensions are the dimensions in space such as length,height and depth.

Dimensions of a kleenex box?

The dimensions of a Kleenex box are length, width and height. The volume of the box is equivalent to length times width times height.

What are the dimensions of a school entrance?

length, width, height

What are the actual dimensions of the structure?

length by width by height

Which is length width height?

They can be the dimensions for example of a box

What are three dimensions in mathematics?

Length, width and height.

What are three dimensions are needed to find the volume of a rectangular solid?

length, width, height