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If you mean: 5, 10, 20, 40 then the following number is twice the previous number which will be 80

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Q: What is the sequence pattern for 5102040?
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What is the next number in the sequence 5102040?

If you mean: 5 10 20 40 then it is 80

What is pattern and sequence?

A pattern may be visual or numeric (or other), a sequence is usually numeric.

What song has a sequence?

One song that has a sequence is 'Silent Night." At the part, "All is calm, all is bright," "All is calm" represents the pattern, and "All is bright" is the sequence. The sequence copies the pattern, but higher or lower than the pattern.

Is Fibonicci a pattern sequence?

Not sure about Fibonicci but the Pisan mathematician, Fibonacci, did discover a pattern sequence which was named after him.

How do you find the next 50nth term in a sequence?

you must find the pattern of the sequence in order to find the next 50 terms using that pattern and the first part of the sequence given

Repetition of the same melodic pattern at different pitch levels?


What is the 5th term of the sequence which has a first term of 17?

That depends what the pattern of the sequence is.

What is a repetitive pattern?

haha? a pattern or sequence that is constantly repeating..

What is the pattern for 11235813?

Fibonacci Sequence.

What is the subdsitude word for pattern?


Is a sequence a pattern?

Not necessarily. It is simply an ordered set: it could be a sequence of random numbers.

What letter is next in the sequence s s a?

It the pattern continues as ssa ssa, then 's' would be next in the sequence. This is only if the pattern is a recurring pattern. If the pattern continues without recurrence of the given sequence, then 'a' would be next, because if 's' repeats itself twice, then 'a' would also.