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It depends on the block! Not all blocks are the same shape nor volume.

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Q: What is the shap e and volume of a block?
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What has no definite shap or volume?

Gas has no definite shape or volume.

What does not have definite shap but has a definite volume?

A liquid.

What has a definite volume but No definite shap?

Liquid is a substance with definite volume but without a definite shape.

How is the volume o f the water displaced by the granite block compare to the volume of the granite block?

The amount of water displaced by the block is the volume of the block. so (volume of water with block in it)-(original volume of water)= volume of block

What is Shap's population?

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How do you calculate the volume of a block?

Block being a box: Height * Length * Depth = Volume Giving the three dimensions available.

How do you find volume of block?

Elaborate the term Block

When was Shap Abbey created?

Shap Abbey was created in 1190.

When did Shap Abbey end?

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How does the volume of a wood block measured in cm compare of the water in ml that the block displaces?

The volume is more dence

What is the density of a rectangular block?

It is the mass of the block divided by its volume.

What do you have to times to get the volume of a cube?

The volume of a cube would be cubing an edge, or e^3, or e*e*e. Either way, you get the volume of a cube.

When did Shap railway station end?

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When was Shap railway station created?

Shap railway station was created in 1846.

When was Shap Smith born?

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What state must matter be in to have a definite shap and definite volume?

A: Solid - A solid has definite shape and volume. - A liquid has definite volume, but not definite shape. - A gas has neither definite volume nor definite shape.

If a block of wood is 27g what is the density of this block?

u need the volume . if u did have the volume u would divide the mass (27g) by the volume. then add the label g/ml

What is the volume of wood block?

If its a cuboid, volume = length * breadth * height .

How do you block someone from e-mailing you on rocketmail?

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Math operation for volume of a block?


What is the formula for the volume of block?

length x width x height = volume

How is the mass of a wood block related to its volume?

Density of wood = mass/volume

What is the density of a block of wood that has a volume of ml and a mass of g?

since D=m/v... then the density of the block of wood would be mass / volume..... mass in grams divided by volume in ml.

How would you calculate he volume of a block?

Multiply the height, width and breadth: height x width x breadth = volume of a block

How can two blocks of wood have the same volume but one is denser?

A block of light balsa wood and a block of heavy teak of the same size, will also have the same volume (which is the space each block occupies).

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