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There is no such thing. For any shape, you can always imagine a shape that has one more corner.

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There is no such shape since there is no limit to the number of corners that a shape can have.

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Q: What is the shape with the most corners?
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Related questions

What shape has the most corners?

There is not a shape with the most corners. You could always "one-up" the last shape. It is like with numbers, there is not a highest number, but instead there is infinity.

What 3D shape is the most rigid shape?

The shape with the fewest corners, ie the sphere.

What shape has 7 corners and which shape has 8 corners?

a heptagon has 7 corners and a octagon has 8 corners .

What is a shape with 12 corners called?

A shape that has 12 corners is called a dodecagon. This shape not only has 12 corners but alsoÊ12 sides.

What shape has four sides and tow corners?

No shape can have two corners

Which shape has 7 corners and which shape has 8 corners?

An heptagon has 7 corners and 7 sides whereas an octagon has 8 corners and 8 sides

What is a shape with 8 corners?

The shape with 8 corners is called an octagon.

How do you name the vertices to a square?

the vertices are the corners to the shape, so you count the corners to whatever shape.

What shape has no corners and no edges?

A sphere has no corners and no edges

What shape has 3 sides and no corners?

That's impossible, because if a shape has sides, then it means it has corners, and vice versa.

What shape does 6 corners and 9 sides?

Technically, you cannot have a shape having 6 corners and 9 sides because a corner is made with two sides coming together. That's why a shape can have only the amount of corners as sides it has.

What shape has 10 corners?

a decagon

Which shape has no corners?

A circle - or an ellipse !

What is difference between edge and corners in a shape?

Two corners make up an edge.

What do you call a shape with six sides and six corners?

A better name for "corners" would be angles, but the shape's name would be a hexagon

What is a shape that has one point and four corners?

Points and corners are all vertices!

How many corners and sides does the heart shape have?

2 side 2 corners and same lenght

What has a shape with 4 sides and 3 corners?

There is no such shape. If it has two sides meeting, it also has to have a corner. A triangle has three sides and three corners, and a square has four sides and four corners. There is nothing in between.

What shape has four sides and three corners?

No such shape exists.

What are the vertices on a shape?

the corners

What shape have 6 corners?


Which shape has 2 faces 0 corners and 0 edges?

what shape has 2 faces 0 edges and 0 corners

Why are bottles made in a cylinder shape?

Bottles are made to carry the most amount of liquid in the smallest volume. The best shape would be a cuboid but these have sharp corners, (Health & Safety), therefore the smallest shape which can hold the second most volume is a cylinder.

What shape has 9 corners?

An object with nine corners (and therefore nine sides) is a nonagon.

What shape has 8 sides and 8 corners?

An octagon has 8 sides and 8 corners.

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