What is the shapes of wings?

Updated: 11/2/2022
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id say a circular isosolies triangle but im not sure

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Q: What is the shapes of wings?
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Why do wings come in lots of shapes and sizes?

differrent birds need different wings, EVERYONE knows that!

How the length of the wings effect the the planes flight?

It doesn't. Planes' wings are for aesthetic value only, which explains the various shapes and sizes. Theoretically, a plane could fly without any wings at all.

How are the dragon and butterfly similar?

They both have wings and can come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors.

How does a Airplane get off the Ground?

well........ if you look at a shapes of a bird wings it is a bit the same and tht will give you the answer

Why are planes wings different shapes when looking from above?

Wings that are straight-edged are stable at low airspeeds. However, they produce a lot of drag and limit the airspeed. Wings that are swept back have less drag and are capable of greater speed, but they are unstable at low speed.

My butterfly is black and orange with eye shapes when she opens her wings When she closes them they're all greywhat butterfly is it?

Your butterfly is a monarch butterfly

What are the main 5 differences between birds?

Some can fly some can not Some can swim some can not Birds beaks are of different shapes Birds Wings are of different shapes Birds legs and feet are of different shapes Birds come in different sizes Some birds hunt prey on the wing

What metal are airplane wings made of?

Most of the metal aircraft ever made have been Aluminium for it lightness adn the ease with which it can be moulded into different (aircraft) shapes

Does the shape of the wings on a airplane change how it flies?

Totally, if the wings on an airplane are made incorrectly than the airplane will fall and go Boom. If the wings are made correctly or in a different shape than the techniques of flying will change the way airplanes fly. Try testing different shapes of wings with a paper airplane. See what kinds of wings make the plane go Splat or go Woosh through the air. Also, look at birds. They are the main models of different types of wings for airplane designers. :0)

Do all insects look alike?

no all insects do not loook alike because they have different shapes colors patterns and some insects can fly because of ther wings

How do you draw a sparrow?

There is no one way to draw anything, but if I were to draw a sparrow, I would start of by fleshing out basic shapes such as the head and body with circles, and some irregular shapes for the beak and wings. Then, using photo references, I would work on the feathers, shading details and details in they eyes, legs and beak.

What is the different between butterfly and moth?

Butterflies have antennae with a small knob on the end, moths have all kinds of other shapes including, but not limited to, feathery. Most butterflies rest with their wings held vertically, and moths with their wings horizontally. Moths can be active during the day, and brightly coloured!