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Q: What is the short way to write cubic inches?
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What is the short way to write inch?

Adding a double quote after a number signifies it is inches. For example, 8" means eight inches.

What is the multiplication factor to convert cubic inches to liters?

The easy way is to divide cubic inches by 61.02 to get liters.

What is the volume of the pyramid 25 cubic inches?

It could be 25 cubic inches but with the amount of information provided in the question, there is no way of telling.

What is 1.2 cuft in to inches?

Using is the quickest way to convert units. By just typing in a phase such as1.2 cubic ft in cubic inchesThe reply that Google's gives you is... 1.2 (cubic feet) = 2 073.6 cubic inches

What is the short way to write it is?


What is a 4.8 Liter engine equivalent to what cubic inch engine?

G M's 4.8 liter is 294 cubic inches ( according to my Consumer Guide book ). The easy way to convert liters of an engine to cubic inches is to multiply the liters by 61.

How many cubic feet is 108 inches by 60 inches by two inches?

1 ft3 = 12 x 12 x 12 = 1728 in3 48 x 48 x 48 = 110592 : expressed as cu ft this is 110592/1728 = 64 cu ft. Alternative Method : 48 = 4 x 12 : so 483 = 43 x 123 : as 123 is the conversion factor from cubic feet to cubic inches then the answer in cubic feet is 43 = 64.

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How do you write 64 inches by 94 inches?

This is one way: 64" x 94"

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write your answers in a short, economical way.