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Q: What is the significance of 70 years of age?
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What decade of life is 72 years of age?

That would be a Septuagenarian for the age 70 to 79.

What age does a ostrich live up to?

Up to 70 years.

At what age do elephants die?

Around 65 to 70 years.

What is the age of the social security program?

Over 70 years

What is the voteing age in Brazil?

The voting age is reqired by law to be 18-70 years old.

What age do tiger cubs typically weigh 7 kilograms?


How much is 13 years of human age in wolf years?

65-70.... around there

A person 70 years old is called what?

A person who reaches the age of 70 is called a "septuagenarian."

What is the voting age in Mexico?

The age is @18-70

What is the retirement age of a judge in the Philippines?

The retirement age for judges in the Philippines is 70 years old.

What is the approximate age of the social security program?

over 70 years

What age do most people die in Croatia?

70-80 years