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One of the most frequent symbolic numbers found in ancient cultures across the globe is undoubtedly number 37. Strong affection towards this number is found in Christian kabbalah, where this number somehow plays the central role in the mysticism of numbers.

Particularly the Greek kabbalah seems to love number 37. Most well-known, from a wide range of words that have the gematric value as a multiple of this number, is the value of "Jesus" in Greek gematria:

· According to R. Allendy, it is "the individual evolution in the cosmic organization".

· According to Fathers of the Church, thirty seven is a symbol of the Christ. It is the symbol of the alive word of God. To this number is thus allotted a certain dignity.

· According to the antique science of Chaldeans, the number 37 symbolizes the Force, the Capacity and the Power.

There exists an interesting relation between numbers 37 and 666: from 666 we obtain 6+6+6=18 and 18 x 37 = 666.

The Vampire Lizzy Christ = 37

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Q: What is the significance of the number 37?
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