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Four - zeros between significant digits are significant.

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Q: What is the significant digit for this number 3.008?
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What is the four-digit smallest number?

1,000 is the lowest base-10 number that requires 4 significant digits. "0,000" is also a 4-digit number, but the only significant digit is the final zero.

Is 75432 an even number?

Yes A whole number is even if its least significant digit is even. The least significant digit of a whole number is the digit in the "ones place". In other words, if the digit at the far right is 0, 2, 4, 6 or 8, the number is even.

How many significant numbers in 10?

There is one significant digit in the number 10, as written.

What is significant figure in chemistry?

Any digit in a number which is to the right of the first digit which isn't a zero, including the first digit

What is the number 2000 in terms of one significant term?

2000 only has one significant digit.

How many significant digits are in the number 4 million?

One of them.

When is zero digit become significant figure?

Zeros appearing anywhere between two non-zero digits are significant. Trailing zeros in a number containing a decimal point are significant.

What number is significant in Arthurian Legends?

Any non zero digit

What do you call the number of a digit that reflects the precision of a calculation?

significant digits

Write 5748 to 2 significant figures?

A significant figure is the number of digits to the left of the decimal place from the right most non zero digit to the left most digit, or the number of digits from the right most digit to the right of the decimal place to the left most digit. So, 5748 to two significant digits is 5700

How if a digits is significant?

Any non-zero digit, if it appears in the decimal representation of a number, is significant. A zero is significant if it is not a leading zero.

If you add several numbers how many significant figures can the sum have?

The number whose farthest right significant digit determines it. Whatever place that digit is in is the last significant digit in the sum. For example: 433 + 150 + 3.67 + 8000 = 8586.67, but in sig figs this is only 9000, as the thousands digit is the lowest digit that can be represented.

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