What is the similar fraction?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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fraction having a common denominator

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Q: What is the similar fraction?
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Example of similar fraction?

Similar factions are fraction that have the same denominator ^^

How do you check if the answer in similar fraction is correct?

If the fractions are similar, they will simplify to the same fraction.

Why do you have to change similar fraction to dissimilar fraction?

You don't.

What do i want to formed in similar fraction?

The answer depends on what you want to do with the fraction.

What is a similar fraction to -37?

-74/2 is an equivalent fraction.

How can you say that fraction are similar?

Equivalent fractions have similar values

What is similar and di-similar fraction?

Not di same denominator

What fraction is similar to pi?

The equivalency of Pi in a fraction is 22/7.

How can you change disimilar fraction to similar fraction?

Find a common denominator.

How do you get similar fraction?

ok lolxd

What is a disimilar fraction?

Disimilar fraction.are fraction with different denominators. Similar fraction.are fraction with the same denominators.

How do you change dissimilar fraction into similar fraction?

Simplify your answer into lowest term.Do the operation.