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factor trees and prime factor trees are the same thing with different names.

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Q: What is the similarities and differences between a factor tree and a prime factor tree?
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What are the similarities between prime and composite numbers?

Both belong to set of whole numbers. There are infinite prime and composite numbers.

What are the differences between equator and prime meridian?

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use the map scale to measure the distance from the hamilton airport to the centre of each of the three cities in question 2?

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What are similarities between prime numbers and prime colors?

Nothing. Colours and numbers have no relationship.

What are the three difference between equator and prime meridian?

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What is the prime factor between 91 and 100?

97 is prime.

What is the difference between prime factorization and factor rainbows?

A factor rainbow is a method to determine a prime factorization.

What is the difference between a prime number and a prime factor?

Not a lot. They're both prime numbers. A factor that is prime is used to make other numbers.

Which whole number has a factor that is greatest prime factor between 1and 30?

The greatest prime number between 1 and 30 is 29. 58 has 29 as a factor.

What are prime factor between 40and 50?

41, 43 and 47 are the prime numbers between 40 and 50. Any nonzero number can be a factor.

What is the similarities between composite and prime numbers?

They are both sets of positive integers.

Is there a difference between in prime factors and factors?

Prime factors are factors that are prime. For example, 13 is a prime number and 13 is a factor of 26. So that means 13 is a prime factor.