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Q: What is the simplest fraction to nine twelves?
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What is the equivalent fraction of eighty twelves?

Eighty twelves is nine hundred and sixty.

What is fifthteen twelves as a fraction in simplest from?


What are equivalent fraction to nine twelves?


What is the fraction of ten twelves In its simplest form?

Ten twelves is 120. 120 is an integer and not a fraction. However, it can be expressed in rational form as 120/1. And that is its simplest form.

What is the reduced fraction for five twelves?

5/12 is in its simplest form.

What fraction is greater seven eighths or nine twelves?

seven eights

Is the fraction nine eighteenths bigger than six twelves?

They are equivalent.

What is three twelves the fraction in simplest form?

3/12 = 1/4

What two fractions are equal to eight twelves?

I suggest you change the fraction to its simplest terms, then multiply numerator and denominator by some number (the same) to get additional forms of the fraction.

What is nine twelves as a percentage?

9 twelves = 108 = 10,800%

Is the fraction eight twelves in simplest form?

No it is not. 8 and 12 are not coprime: they have a common factor which is greater than 1.

Express 0.45 as a fraction in simplest form?


What happens when you multiply the numerator and denominator in a fraction by nine?

You get an equivalent fraction which is not in its reduced (or simplest) form.

What is eleven twelves in simplest form?

Eleven twelves is 132.

What is the simplest form of seven twelves?

7/12 is in its simplest form.

What is four twelves minus nine twelves?

(4*12) minus (9*12) = -60

What is 0.0999 as a fraction?

Expressed as a proper fraction in its simplest form, 0.0999 is equal to 999/10000 or nine hundred and ninety-nine ten thousandths.

What is ten twelves in simplest form?


Is five twelves simplest form?

Yeah it is

What is sixty twelves in simplest form?


What is 98 percent as a fraction in simplest form?

Expressed as a proper fraction in its simplest form, 98 percent is equal to 49/50 (that is, forty-nine fiftieths).

What is 0.3878 as a fraction?

Expressed as a proper fraction in its simplest form, 0.3878 = 1939/5000 or one thousand nine hundred and thirty-nine five thousandths.

What fraction represent four twelves but it is equivalent?

Four twelves = 4*12 = 48 so an equivalent fraction is 96/2.

What is nine twelves put in a percentage?


What is nine twelves equal to as a decimal?