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The simplest fraction for 18/20 is 9/10.

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Q: What is the simplified fraction of 18 over 20?
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Related questions

What is the simplified fraction of 12 over 20?

The simplified fraction of 12 over 20 is 3/5

What is the ratio 18 to 20 as a fraction?

The fraction is 18/20 which can be simplified to 9/10.

If 2 children are absent from a class of twenty what fraction of the class is missing?

18 over 20 or 8 over 10 as a simplified fraction

Is 18 over 20 in simplest form?

No. The fraction 18/20 can be simplified to 9/10, because both 18 and 20 are divisible by two.

What fraction is 18 20ths?

It is 18/20 which can be simplified, if required.

Is the fraction 13 over 20 simplified?

13/20 cannot be simplified further.

What is 20 over 81 simplified?

The fraction 20/81 is already expressed as a fraction in its lowest terms. Therefore, it cannot be simplified any further.

What fraction of 1 litre is 450ml?

450/1,000 = 45/100 = 9/20

What is the simplified fraction of 20 over 48?


How do you write 0.45 in a fraction?

.45 as a fraction can be written as 45 over 100, or if simplified, 9 over 20.

What is 18 over 20 simplified?

9 over 10

What is 11 over 20 simplified?

It does not simplify to any fraction or number.

What is the simplified fraction of 20 over 75?

20/75 (divide by 5) = 4/15

What is 20 over 48 in fraction simplest form?

it is: 20/48 = 5/12 simplified

How do you write 0.45 repeating as a fraction?

45 over 100 or simplified as 9 over 20

What is the simplified fraction of 45 over 100?

45/100 = 9/20

What is the simplified fraction for 77 over 140?

It is: 77/140 = 11/20

What is point 2 in fraction form?

.2 is 20% so in fraction form is 2 over 10 or simplified 1 over 5

What is the reduced fraction of 18 over 20?

18/20 = 9/10

Can 1 and 21 over 20 be reduced?

If you mean the mixed fraction 1 and 21/20 It can be simplified to 21/20

Can 18 over 40 be simplified?

yes it can because 2 can go into it so it is now 9 over 20 and it cant be simplified

What is 0.05 as a fraction simplified?

0.05 as a fraction simplified is 1/20

What is 20 percent as a fraction simplified?

20% as a fraction is 1/5

What is55 percent as a fraction in simplest form?

It is: 55% = 11/20 as a simplified fraction

What is nine over twenty simplified?

This fraction can not be simplified any further (9 & 20 do not have any common factors beyond "1").