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2/27 + 1/6 = 4/54 + 9/54 = 13/54

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Q: What is the simplified fraction of 2 divide by 27 plus 1 divided by 6?
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Divide 3 x cube plus 16 x square plus 21 x plus 20 x plus 4?

It can be simplified to: 3x3+16x2+41x+4 but divided by what is not given

What is the simplified expression for 5 divided by radical 7 plus radical 2?


Can you simplify (2 plus square root of 2) divided by 4?

No, it cannot be simplified.

What is 4 divided by 9 plus 1 divide by 3 plus 5 divided by 6?

0.913580246913580....................and lots of other numbers

What is the simplified expression for 8 plus 7y divided by 8?

It is 8 + (7/8)*y

What is -22 divided by -3 in fraction form?

It is: plus 22/3

What is 1 fourth of six percent?

no that's just 6 divided by 4 plus you cant divide a percent by a fraction unless you convert both into a decimal. the answer should be .24 because if you convert 1/4 into a decimal its .25 and 6% into a decimal is .06. When you divide .06 (the original 6%) by .25 (the original 1/4 fraction) you get the answer of .24

What is forty plus 165 divide by 7?


How do you find x cubed plus one divided by x square?

It cannot be simplified algebraically and needs to be calculated.

7a plus 35 divided by -7 simplified?

(7a + 35)/-7 = 7(a + 5)/-7 = -(a + 5) = (-a - 5)

What is a2 plus b -c divided by m?

It's an expression that can't be simplified.

What is the simplified version of 6b plus 3b plus 8b?

It is 17b when simplified

What is a minus divide a plus?

A negative number divided by a positive number, or a positive number divided by a negative number, results in a negative number.

81over 49 simplified?

As a fraction, 81/49 can't be further simplified. But it's an 'improper' fraction, whichcan be written as a mixed number ... a whole number plus a nicer looking fraction.81/49 = 1 32/49

What is the simplified expression for 5 divided by 8 plus radical 7?

5/(8 + √7) = (40 - 5√7)/57 is the rationalised equivalent.

What is 3 plus 8 divided by 2 plus 0 over 6?

5.5. And just because you cannot divide by zero does not make the answer zero. It would be 5.5 plus 0. Which is 5.5. Now if it was 5.5 divided or multiplied then you would have zero.

What is a plus a plus a simplified?


What is A plus 2B simplified?

A + 2B cannot be simplified.

What is The simplified form of (3a2 - 5ab plus c2) plus (-2a2 plus 10ab plus 6c2)?

What is The simplified form of (3a2 - 5ab plus c2) plus (-2a2 plus 10ab plus 6c2)

What is 11 5 fraction answer?

Unfortunately, limitations of the browser used by means that we cannot see most symbols. It is therefore impossible to give a proper answer to your question. Please resubmit your question spelling out the symbols as "plus", "minus", "times", "divided by", "equals". In this question it is not clear whether you want simplified 11/5 or 11.5 expressed as a rational fraction.

What is 5(x-5) plus 6 expanded and simplified?

what is 5(x-5) plus 6 expanded and simplified

What is the sum of 1divided by 22 plus 4 divided by 11?

0.409, but if you want a fraction it's 9/22

What does 5 plus 75 divide by subtract 5 equal?

It is not possible to answer the question because it is not clear what 75 is to be divided by.

Can 3x plus x be simplified?

Yes, it can be simplified into 4x.

2m plus 1-7m plus 5m?

When simplified it is just: 1