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Two thirds.

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What is the simplified fraction of ten twelfths?

10/12 is 5/6 as a simplified fraction

Is eight twelfths simplified?

8/12 simplified is 2/3

What is the fraction ten twelfths in its simplest from?

It is: 10/12 = 5/6 simplified

What is an equivalent fraction for eight twelfths?


What is eight twelfths times three twelfths?

24/144 (don't forget to reduce the fraction)

What fractions are equivalent to nine twelfths?

9/12 = 3/4 as a simplified fraction.

What is eight twelfths to a fraction?

Eight twelfths is a fraction: 8/12

What is eight over seven simplified?

It is already a simplified fraction.

What fraction is equivalent to eight twelfths?

2/3 or 4/6

What is equivalent fraction to eight twelfths in the simplest form?

It is 2/3.

How do you simplify 4 and eight twelfths?

4 and 8/12 = 4 and 2/3 simplified

What is seven twelfths plus five twelfths simplified?

The answer is 1.

What fraction of 55 is eight?

Eight fifty-fifths. That's as simplified as it can be.

What is twelve twelfths simplified?


What is 2 twelfths simplified?

2/12 simplified is 1/6.

What is eight twelfths plus nine twelfths?

17 twelfths or 1 and 5 twelfths.

What is three twelfths simplified?


What is the simplest form of the fraction three twelfths?

The simplest form of the fraction three twelfths is 1/4

Is three twelfths equal to one fourth?

Yes. When three twelfths is simplified, the answer is one fourth.

What number is eight-twelfths?


What is eleven twelfths simplified?

11/12 cannot be simplified - because 11 is a primenumber.

What isThe simplified fraction of eight and 10?

8/10 = 4/5.

What is eight twelfths minus nine twelfths?


What fractions are less than ten twelfths?

nine twelfths eight twelfths ........ down to twelfth

What is ten twelfths plus eight twelfths?

It is 18/12 or 1.5