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Q: What is the size of 1mm squared?
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What is basalt crystal size?

Basalt is 1mm

What is the size of Arabia?

1mm long

What is the total size of Lilongwe?


What is the size of Belize barrier reef?


What is the thickness of A4 size paper?


What size is a tomato seed?

1mm X 2mm

1cm squared to 1mm squared?

1cm2= 1cm x 1cm1cm= 10mm10mm x 10mm=100mmThere for : 1cm2=100mm"Answered by: Mohammed Inaizi07/04/08______________________________________________________________________

What is the diameter in inches of a size 19 knitting needle?

It is 1mm diameter

What is the size of the smallest book at the Library of Congress?

Old King Cole is the smallest book in the Library of Congress, measuring 1/25" x 1/25" (or ~1mm x 1mm).

What is the size difference between 1cm and 9mm?

The difference should be 1mm. 1cm=10mmI concur

How long can a snail get?

1mm 1mm

What is the least count of a ruler of 15 cm?

Define the measurement