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Q: What is the size of an angle is the amount of ...... Between its arms?
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What is the size of hydrogen sulphide molecule?

According to wikipedia, one S-H side of the molecule spans a nominal 133.6 pm and the angle between the two arms of the molecule is 92.1o.

If a clock shows 9 o'clock which size is the inside angle between the two hands?

the angle size is 90 degrees

What does supplement mean in math?

A supplement to an angle in Geometry is a second angle with a size equal to the difference between 180 degrees and the size of the first angle. If the size of two angles is 180 degrees, then the angles are 'supplementary".

What are the classification of angle according to sides?

Cosine = adjacent/hypotenuseSine = opposite/hypotenuseTangent = opposite/adjacentSecant = hypotenuse/adjacentCosecant = hypotenuse/oppositeCotangent = adjacent/opposite

What size is a acute angle?

Any angular size between 0 and 90 degrees. An OBTUSE angle is one whose size is between 90 & 180 degrees. A REFLEX angle is one whose angle is between 180 & 360 degrees. NB To correct your English grammar . The question should read ' What size is an acute angle'. When the noun following the indefinite article 'a', begins with a vowel 'a,e,i,o,u'. then the indefinite article is 'an'. In this case it is 'an acute', NOT 'a acute'.

True or false The greater the size of the wedge angle the larger amount of the resulting force?

True. A larger wedge angle will result in a greater mechanical advantage, meaning that a smaller input force can generate a larger output force.

What affects was the size of a shadow?

The size of a shadow depends on, the angle that the light source is hitting the object and the size of the object. In some cases, the amount of light can also affect the size of a shadow.

What is the size of the acute angle between the hands of a clock at 9 oclock?

270 degrees

Size of an angle between o'clock at 1 o'clock?

theres 12 numbers evenly spaced on a clock , so you divide 360 by 12 and you get the angle in between each number

What are the dimensions for apartment sofas?

Simplicity Sofas ( makes 3 different sizes of sofas: Full size sofas (3 cushions) range from 78" to 89". (66" between arms) Mid-size sofas (2 cushions) range from 72" to 83". (60" between arms) Apartment size sofas (2 cushions) range from 66" to 77" (54" between arms)

What is the interior angle of a 45 sided polygon?

Any value between 0 and 360 degrees. There are no constraints on the size of a single angle in a polygon.

How many Lego bricks are there in a 35 degree angle?

This would be unknown because there are a large amount of factors to consider. For instance, what size and how many studs are in the LEGO brick, how far extended is the angle, and if there is a definite end to the angle.