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Solve for y



the slope is the coefficient of x

in this case, it is -7/3

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Q: What is the slope of 7x plus 3y equals 9?
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What is the slope-intercept form of 7x-3y equals 4?

What is the slope-intercept form of 7x-3y equals 4

Rewrite the equation 7x plus 2y equals 0 in slope-intercept form?

7x = -3y + 12

What is 7x plus 3y equals 21 a negative or positive slope?

y=mx+b 7x+3y=21 3y=21-7x *****_ y=7-2.3x *****_ m= -2.3 negative

What is the slope 7x-3y equals 4?

Transfer the equation into the standard format y = mx + c, where 'm' is the slope 7x - 3y = 4 : 7x - 4 = 3y 3y = 7x - 4 y = 7/3x - 4/3 : The slope is 7/3.

How do you put 7x plus 3y equals 42 in slope-intercept form?

7x + 3y = 42 can be converted to slope intercept form using the formula y = mx + b. First, get 3y on to the outside. -3y = 7x - 42 Divide everything by -3. You are left with y = 7/3x + 14

How do you solve 7x plus 3y equals 30 -2x plus 3y equals 3 in an order pair?


What is the slope of 7x plus 5 for x equals 2?

7x is still the slope, no matter what x equals.

What is the slope and y intercept of negative 7x plus 3y equals negative 9?

Hey there - First you must put this in y = mx + b (slope intercept format) format, and it will make finding the answers easy. 7x + 3y = -9 3y = -7x - 9 y = -7/3x - 3 Your slope is m, or -7/3 your y intercept is b, or -3 cheers! Donny

Find the answers in 4x plus 3y equals 12 7x plus 3y equals 21?

x = 3 and y = 0

What is the ordered pair for 7x-3y equals -52 and 8x plus 74 equals y?

7x+3y=-52 3(8x-y=-74) 7x+3y=-52 24x-3y=-222 7x=-52 + 24x=-222 31x=-274 x=8.8387

What is the slope of the graph of 7x equals 3y minus 8?

7/3 im pretty sure Another Answer:- If: 7x = 3y-8 Then: -3y = -7x-8 And so: y = 7/3x+8/3 Therefore: the slope is 7/3 and the y intercept is 8/3

7x plus 3y equals 56 and 6x plus 6y equals 72 What is the ordered pair?