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The slope of a vertical line is not defined.

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Q: What is the slope of all vertical lines?
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Do vertical lines have a slpoe of zero?

No. Horizontal lines have zero slope. Vertical lines have infinite slope.

A vertical line has a run which is?

run as in slope of a line is zero . horizontal lines have no slope and vertical lines have a slope of zero

Do all lines have a slope?

Although all lines have the relationship that defines slope, one can argue that not all lines do have one. The exception would be vertical lines. Slope is defined as the vertical rate of change divided by the horizontal rate of change. In the case of a vertical line, there is no horizontal rate of change, and calculating slope would cause division by zero. The closest you could come to expressing the slope of a vertical line would be ∞

What lines always have an undefined slope.?

Vertical lines always have an undefined slope. Slope for y = f(x) is given by :slope = dy/dxdx is zero at any point along a vertical line, making the slope undefined along a vertical line.

Finding the slope of vertical lines?

It is not defined.

Does everyline have a slope and y intercept?

No, vertical lines have an undefined slope.

What type of slope does vertical lines have?

a slope of zero. horizontal is undefined

When is the product of the slope of two perpendicular lines not equal to -1?

When the lines are horizontal and vertical. (slope of zero) (undefined slope)

What is the slope of non vertical lines?


Do vertical lines always have an undefined slope?


How many slopes do vertical lines have?

The slope of a vertical line is undefined. The slope of a horizontal line is 0. Hope this helps.

Do horizontal lines have an undefined slope?

No. The slope of a horizontal line is zero. The slope of a vertical line is undefined.

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