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Q: What is the slope or grade of a road that rises 4 feet for every horizontal change of 80 feet?
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A hiking trail rises 6 feet for every horizontal change of 100 feet What is the slope of the hiking trail?


What is the slope of a ski run that rises 5 feet for every horizontal change of 20 feet?

5/20 = 0.25

What does a 2 percent road grade look like?

A two percent road grade is a grade where the road rises 2 units for every 100 units travelled.100 feet horizontal travel, will result in a two foot gain in elevation. It is a relatively shallow gradient.

A wheel chair ramp rises 1.5 feet of every horizonal distance it covers find the rate of change?

This question can not be answered because the horizontal distance covered is not specified.

What is the slope of a ski run that rises 6 feet for every horizontal change of 30 feet?

slope = change in y / change in x = 6/30 = 1/5 It can also be expressed as 1 in 5 or 20 %

If a slope has a value of 18 this means the vertical change for the graph is 18 units What is the horizontal change for the graph?

Slope is equal to the change in y divided by the change in x (also known as "rise over run"). If a slope is 18 , then it "rises" 18 units, for every 1 unit of x.

Can the slope of a line be a fraction?

Of course. If the line rises 18 units for every 27 horizontal units,then its slope is 2/3 .

How many feet is a 10 percent grade on a hill?

A 10% grade rises 1 foot for every 10 feet that it proceeds horizontally. This can go on for miles.

What is the equation for finding degree of slope?

-- Measure how far the slope rises in 100-ft of horizontal distance.-- That number is the percent of slope, or the "grade".-- If you want the angle of the slope, divide the number by 100, and look upthe "arctangent" of the answer in a table or on a calculator.

What way does horizontal go?

left to right --------------------------------

If a highway that has a 6 percent grade rises 6 feet vertically for every 100 feet horizontally which trigonometric ratio is being used in reporting the 6 percent grade and why?

This would be rise over run. I don't think I can explain why. Tangent

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