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the smallest infrared radiation wavelength is ranging from 0.75-1.3micrometre

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Q: What is the smallest infrared radiation wavelength?
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Which form of radiation has the longest wavelength between infrared and visible?

Infrared radiation has longer wavelengths.

What is long wavelength radiation given out by stars?

Infrared radiation is long wavelength radiation given out by stars.

Which has the longest wavelength 1ultraviolet radiation 2gamma radiation 3 visible radiation 4 infrared radiation?

The sequence of the listing in the question is correct. From longest to shortest wavelength, these four categories of EM radiation do in fact list in the order: 1). infrared 2). visible 3). ultraviolet 4). X-rays

What has a wavelength longer then the wavelengths of visible ight?

Infrared radiation.

Which has the greatest frequency out of radio wave microwave infrared wave visible light ultraviolet light x ray gamma ray?

X-rays have the highest frequency in the electromagnetic spectrum.

What type of electromagnetic radiation has a wavelength next to but longer than visible light?

Infrared radiation.

What is radiation called having wavelength just longer than red light?

Infrared radiation.

Infrared radiation has a wavelength slightly longer than?

Visible Light

What is the wavelength of infrared light?

The range of wavelengths for infrared radiation is beween 700 nm and 10e6 nm.

Gamma rays have shorter wavelength than infrared rays?

Yes. The wavelength of radiation is w=hc/Energy. Gamma energy is larger than infrared energy, thus has shorter wavelength.

Which wavelength of radiation do astronomers use to detect these hottest stars in our galaxy?


What is the basic difference between ultravilolet visible light and infrared radiation?

Their wavelength.