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One possible answer is 1/2550, which will make the product 1: 1 is a perfect square.

Alternately, you could try 102, but that is far from the smallest.

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Q: What is the smallest number that you should multiply to 2550 to make it a perfect square?
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How should you know about perfect squares?

If you have a number like 12 and you multiply it by the same number: 12 and the answer you get is a whole number, then the whole number is the perfect square.

What number should be multiplied with 28800 to get a perfect square?

You could always multiply it by 28800. Though 2 would also do.

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Multiply any number with 0, you get 0.

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number to be added to 97 to get the smallest three digit number = 3smallest three digit number = 100100 - 97 = 3

What number should be added to a number to get a perfect square?

Because numbers are infinite, there is an infinite number of answers. e.g. What number should be added to 2 to make a perfect square? 2+2=4 (a perfect square) 2+7=9 (a perfect square) 2+14=16 (a perfect square) 2+23=25 (a perfect square) etc... Did you have a specific number in mind.

What is the Least number by which 30375 should be multiplied to get a perfect cube?


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