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Since there is no ozone hole at either pole about half the year, the answer is "Zero". Beyond this, we have only ~20 years worth of data, new and improved methods of determining the size of the hole, and shifting definitions of what is an "ozone hole". But for the most part, the smallest holes were the oldest recorded ones.

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Q: What is the smallest ozone hole ever recorded?
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What region of the world would you find the ozone hole?

The Largest hole in the ozone is currently over the Antarctic. However it is getting smaller, and is the smallest it has ever been for a decade.

What percent of the ozone layer is gone?

The ozone layer is the result of a continuous process of both making and destroyinig ozone. Sometimes there is more, sometimes there is less. The largest the ozone hole ever was recorded was a reduction in total global ozone of about 10%, and the hole is (so far) getting smaller.

Which satellite recorded the presence of an Ozone hole?


Is the ozone hole ever going to spresd?

Ozone can spread. Ozone replenishment is a natural process.

What is the name of the hole in the ozone?

The name of the hole is ozone hole. It is the thinning of ozone layer.

Is the ozone ever going to stop depleting?

The ozone depletion is not a natural process. If the man made processes depleting the ozone are stopped then there will be no depletion of ozone to cause an ozone hole.

What is the term ozone hole?

a hole in the ozone layer.

How big the hole in the ozone layer?

The hole in ozone is not actually a hole. It is just the thinning of ozone layer.

Why is there a ozone hole?

Ozone hole is the thinning of ozone layer. It is due to ODS.

What does it mean that there is a hole in the ozone layer?

A hole in ozone layer means that the concentration of ozone molecules have fallen below a certain level. Ozone hole is commonly misunderstood as a hole in the ozone layer.

Newspaper reports about the hole in ozone?

Newspapers reports give a full insight into what is happening in ozone. The ozone hole is a hole in ozone layer.

Where did the ozone layer get a hole in it?

The ozone hole is not actually a hole in the ozone layer. It is actually the thinning of ozone layer below a certain concentration.

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