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Probably Luna 2 and it's upper stage rocket. Remember, the Russians were first on the moon in 1959. Luna 2 crashed into it at full pelt, but it was first. It's upper stage flew alongside it. Luna 2 discovered important scientific facts about the moon. See the Wikipedia link below for more details.

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Q: What is the smallest rocket to ever make it to the moon?
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Did Robert goddard ever get a rocket to the moon?

no it did not

What took the astronauts to the moon?

The Apollo missions' were based around the Saturn V rocket - the only rocket ever flown that was powerful enough to reach the moon.

How does a rocker travel from earth to the moon?

The rocket fires it's engine and pushes out enough energy to escape earth orbit and send it to the moon, where the moon's gravity grabs it and brings the rocket into orbit or into the surface of the moon. It's takes a lot of energy to send a rocket to the moon. A Saturn V moon rocket was needed during the Apollo space mission. If you have ever stood next to a Saturn V moon rocket at a museum, you will see it takes a lot of energy to send an object to the moon.

Name of the first rocket which took man to the moon?

Point out the name of the first rocket which took man to moon who make astroids on these mission

What was the name of the first spacecraft to take humans to the moon?

Launched by the Saturn 5 rocket (the largest rocket ever built), the first spacecraft to take men to the moon was the Apollo spacecraft.

Ideas to make an instrument?

You can make it to the moon, yes. But their will be many supplies needed. You can have a team of rocket builders to make your rocket. I wish you luck!

Where do you make the rocket ship on poptropica?

on pewter moon

Is Saturn five the biggest rocket ever made?

Yes. The Soviet N1 Moon Rocket is only 5 meters or so shorter.

What rocket did Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin go to the moon for the first moonn landing?

SATURN 5 ROCKET which was over 300 feet tall!.the tallest rocket ever built.

Which was the most powerfull rocket in the world?

The Saturn V (Saturn five) rocket that took man to the moon remains the tallest, heaviest and most powerful rocket ever brought to operational status.

How did Neil Armstrong make it to the moon?

Got a stonk an spaffed on a rocket

How many sand fleas does it take to get to the moon?

Sand Fleas don't have to brain power to make a rocket to make a successive moon landing...

What was the name of the rocket used to travel to the moon?

What was the name of the rocket used to travel to the moon?

What is the lead singers name in a rocket to the moon?

Nick Santino is the lead singer of A Rocket To The Moon. Nick Santino started A Rocket to the Moon in the summer of 2006 as a musical experiment.

When ever you try to launch the rocket on astrokinght island it says not enough fuel what do you do?

Type in the coodinates (56,52). It will bring you to the moon. After that you go to build your own rocket after asking for the owners permission.

Which is smallest moon earth or sun?

Out of these the moon is the smallest and the sun is the largest.

Do they sell the a rocket to the moon CD at sunrise?

Go to best buy! They have it there! I love rocket to the moon

What was the first Australian rocket to land on the moon?

To my knowledge Australia have not launched a rocket to the moon as yet.

How long does it take to get to the moon by rocket?

it takes 13 hours to get to the moon by a rocket

When was On Your Side - A Rocket to the Moon album - created?

On Your Side - A Rocket to the Moon album - was created in 2009.

When was Jules Verne's Rocket to the Moon created?

Jules Verne's Rocket to the Moon was created in 1967.

What is the fastest vehicle ever?

The fastest manned vehicle ever was the Apollo 10 Moon Rocket. It went just shy of 25,000 miles per hour I believe.

Has Russia ever landed a man on the moon?

No. The only Russian / Soviet moon missions used robot landers that sent samples back to Earth in smaller rocket vehicles.

What rocket did neil Armstrong go on to the moon?

Neil Armstrong went to the moon in the Apollo spacecraft and not by a rocket, but the rocket that was used was called the Saturn 5.

What is the largest Rocket ever built that took astraunts to the moon?

The largest Rocket ever built is called the Saturn V rocket and was used to send man to the moon from 1969 to 1972. Built by German engineer Whener Von Braun, the rocket measures 110,6 meters tall. Incomparison to the space shuttle, the shuttle with its external tank and solid rocket boosters attached measure only 56 meters tall. However NASA does have plans to create a new rocket, the Ares V which may be a couple of meters taller then the Saturn V rocket. The rocket is still in the conceptual stage, but may be used as a heavy weight launch vehicle in the near future.