What is the smallest sprocket?

Updated: 12/23/2022
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the smallest sprocket is the highest gear.

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Q: What is the smallest sprocket?
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When your in low gear what sprocket are you using?

It depends on whether you are talking about the front sprocket (the one at the pedals, called a chainring) or the sprocket at the rear derailleur. The lowest gear at the front is the smallest sprocket/chainring. The lowest gear at the rear is the largest sprocket. So if you combine the smallest sprocket at the front with the largest sprocket in the rear you have the lowest gear available on your bike.

What dos first gear look like on a bike?

Chain is on the smallest sprocket on the crank and on the largest sprocket on the rear wheel

What sprocket size is smallest?

Depends on rear hub design. Some specials can take 9. 11 is quite common, another smallest is 14.

Could you use a smaller size sprocket on a bike than it originally came with?

Depends. Usually there's some leeway for adaptation, but it's possible that your bike was delivered with the smallest sprocket available for that hub.

Is first gear a small sprocket on a bicycle?

Depends on if you're looking at the wheel or if you're looking at the pedals. 1st gear, the one where pedalling is easiest, is the biggest sprocket at the rear, and the smallest chainwheel at the front.

What is the smallest size sprocket for a bmx you can get without getting a casset wheel?

Guessing an 11T cog (sproket), maybe a custom 10T.

What is the smallest sort of sprocket you can get for a bmx?

As far a the sprocket in the front goes, i think they make them as small as 22 tooth, and in the back, it is called a freewheel or a driver. Freewheels are generally larger and drivers are smaller. Drivers can go as small as 8 teeth i beleave.

What is the smallest chain size on bmx?

It's 1/8" width, but the length is determined by the size of the bike frame, and the size of the sprocket/chainwheel you're using.

Is a 25t sprocket big?

i wouldn't say its big but a 22sprocket is the smallest you can get from gtrider

What do you call a large sprocket?

a large sprocket

What is the difference between sprocket and chain wheel?

Sprocket and chain and what?

What is the top speed of Honda 400ex with aftermarket rear sprocket?

depends if the sprocket is bigger or smaller than a stock sprocket.