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Q: What is the smallest value found on a metric stick?
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What is the smallest value found on a meter stick in English system?


What is the metric value for length or distance?

The metric value for length or distance is the meter.

Which measure of central location is found by arranging the data from smallest to largest and selecting the middle value?


What is the metric values of 1000g?

The metric value of 1000g is precisely 1000g

What is The smallest value for a probability?

Zero is the smallest probability.

What what is the smallest probability that can exist?

The smallest value is 0.

What is the value of an unsigned Northland hockey stick?

what is the value of a northand hockey stick

Why do you subtract to find the range?

The range is the distance from the smallest value to the largest value. This is equivalent to the largest value MINUS the smallest value. Therefore you subtract.

What is the smallest metric mass measurement?

At present, that would be the yoctogram, simply because "yocto-" is the smallest submultiplier. You could, of course, compound the prefixes, as "centimicroyoctogram," but the real value of such units is dubious; almost anything you needed to weigh would be more than a yoctogram.

What does minimum value means?

It means the smallest value.

What is the smallest place value of n so that 354N6 is greater than 35455?

The smallest value is 5.

In a viterbi algorithm the Add-compare-select unit calculates path metrics in that why you select smallest path metric as survivor path.?

The ACS computation compares the sampled symbol value with the values that would be expected for each possible transition on a noiseless channel. The metric is the distance (hamming distance for hard-decision, and euclidean distance for soft-decision decoders) from the actual symbol to an expected symbol, the smallest metric indicates the closest match.

What is the metric value unit for mass?


What is the metric value for gravity?


What is the biggest place value in a decimal number in the smallest place value in a decimal number?

The largest place value is the tenths place. The smallest is, well, infinite.

What is the value of a signed set of Miracle on Ice jersey skates helmet and hockey stick I have found the stick jersey for sale regularly but never the helmet or skates. Value anyone?

I have looked for such items, impossible to find under $15000, if you have these your in luck.

What is the metric value for capacity?

The value depends on the units used to measure capacity.

Calculated by subtracting the smallest value in the data set from the largest value in the data set?

The range is the size of the set of data. Take the smallest from the largest value to get the range

Find smallest no in matrix in c plus plus?

Store the first value in the matrix, then compare every value in the matrix with the stored value, replacing the stored value if the current value is smaller. For instance, the following snippet will locate the smallest int value in a 3x4 matrix named A: int smallest=A[0][0]; for(int x=0; x<3; ++x ) { for(int y=0; y<4; ++y ) { if(A[x][y]<smallest ) { smallest=A[x][y]; } } }

What is the smallest value a variance can be?

0. When all the observations have the same value.

What is an American coin of small value?

the smallest value of a coin is a penny.

What is the smallest a amount the smallest number in a set of data?

It is the minimum value of the set.

What is the smallest 6 digit number with no zeros?

The number with the smallest absolute value is 111111.

Which expression has the smallest value absolute value of 11 or absolute value of 47?


What is the value of hecto?

Hecto is a value in the Metric System. Hecto is the value 100, such as a hectometer equaling 100 meters.