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The solution to this problem is x=5.

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Q: What is the solution for 3x equals 4x-5?
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Find the solution 3x-3y equals 12 and 3x plus y equals 8?


What is the solution to 3x-3 equals -3x plus -3?

x = 0

What is 3x-5 equals 3x plus 5?

3x-5=3x+5 There is no solution.

Is x equals 4 a solution for 3x-1 equals 11?


How would you find a solution to y equals 3x-5x?


Is 1 -1 a solution of y equals -3x - 2?


What is the solution set for -3x plus y equals -1?


What is the solution for the equation 3x 6 equals 12?

If: 3x+6 = 12 Then: x = 2

What is 3x equals 3x?

Not sure what you are asking, clearly 6x is 3x plus 3x.But the question asks "what is 3x equals 3x?""3x equals 3x" is a tautology.(A logical tautology is a statement that is true regardless of the truth values of its parts)If you are asking what the value of x is, this equation is true for any value of x.All numbers are a solution of "3x equals 3x."But the question is not very clear so please add some discussion to help?

Does -3x-2y equals 4 have one solution?

No, it has an infinite number of solutions. The coordinates of each and every point on the line 3x + 2y + 4 = 0 is a solution.

Does 7 plus 3x equals 7 have many solutions no solutions or 1 solution?

One solution.

How many solutions are in y equals -2x y equals 3x plus 5?

There is one solution for x and one solution for y. The solution is: x = -1 ; y = 2

What is the solution set 2x2-3x-1 equals 0?


Is -3 a solution of the equation 2x-5 equals 3x-2?


Which is the solution to the equation 3x-4 equals 5x-4?

x = 0

What is the solution set of 3x squared equals 48?

x=4 or x=-4

What is the solution set of 3X-5 equals 48?

3x - 5 = 48 So 3x = 53 and x = 53/3 = 17.66...

What is the solution to this equation 3x-3y equals 12 and 4x-8y equals -16?

x = 12 and y = 8

A soltion for the in equality 3x-1 is?


Which of these are solution to y equals 3x-4?


What is the solution of 3x plus 4 equals 14?

x = 3 and 1/3

What is 2x-2 equals 8 plus 3x?

An equation, solution x = -10

What is a solution for the system y equals -3x plus 5 and y equals 2x plus 5?

The list of choices you've provided doesn't include any solution.

What is the solution to the inequality 3x-11 2?

The equation 3X take away 11 times 2 equals -2. This is algebra math problem.

What is the solution for 3x plus y equals -2 y equals -x plus 4?

x = -3, y = 7