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Q: What is the solution to the equation 97.56 x 143.07?
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What is an equation that has no solution called?

An equation that has no solution is called an equation that has no solution.

Does a solution to an equation make the equation true or false?

A solution to an question makes the equation true. For example a solution to the equation 3x = x + 6 is x = 3, since 3(3) = 3+6.

What is the solution of this equation x plus 1528?

what the solution to this equation x+15=28 If you mean: x+15 = 28 then the value of x works out as 13

Does 19-x equal 12 of the solution of 8?

If x = 8 satisfies the equation 19 - x = 12, then it is a solution of the equation. 19 - x = 12 19 - 8 = ? 12 11 ≠ 12 Since x = 8 does not satisfy the equation, x = 8 it is not a solution.

A number that makes an equation true?

A number that makes an equation true is a solution. If there is more than one answer to an equation (such as an equation like): (x-2)(x+4)=0 then it is called a solution set (and in this case would be x={-4, 2}).

What does it mean to be a solution of an equation?

the solution is the answer to the equation. A solution is any value that makes the equation true. x + 2 = 10 has exactly one solution ....x=8 x + 2 > 10 has infinitely many solutions....x=9 or 10 or 11 or 12 or 13, etc

Why is the solution to an equation not always the answer to a question?

identify the property and equation that satisfies the following statement: the solution of an equation is x=-2.

The solution to x equals -8?

x = -8 already is a solution. If an equation has been changed until the value of x is found, and this value is accurate to the original equation, then the equation has been solved.

What is the solution for x when x equals 5?

The 'solution' of an equation is the number which, when substitutedfor the variable, makes the equation a true statement.You have said: [ x = 5 ] .We claim that the solution is '5', because when '5' is substituted for 'x',the equation reads5 = 5and that's a true statement.

Does an equation always have one solution?

Only a linear equation in one variable x , which is an equation of the form ax + b = 0, (where a is different than 0), has only one solution. The solution is: x = -b/a

What is the definition of solution of equation?

An algebraic equation has (at least one) variable, usually called x. To solve the equation means to figure out the value of x. For example, in the equation x + 4 = 7 the solution is x = 3, because 3 + 4 = 7.

What is the solution to equation x- 7 4?

[ x = 11 ] is.