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Q: What is the sound of little feet mean?
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What is the sound of little feet?


What is the word for sound of little feet?

pitter patter

What does sound feet mean?

it means when feet touch ground they eat

How does the sound of little feet are like a drum?

i dun no but it dont makes sense

What does little goth mean?

By the sound of it, probably the same as Baby Bat.

What does The fog comes on little cat feet mean?

to express fellings

What does quiet as mouse mean?

It means to be extremely quiet, and make little sound.

How may miles are in a feet?

0.0001894..... your question makes no cense and doesn't sound right. Do you mean how many feet are in a mile? That is 5,280 ft. I believe.

Does feet have a short e sound?

No, the word "feet" does not have a short e sound. It is pronounced with a long e sound.

What does it mean to be buried at the feet of Anubis?

Nothing: its something the makers of "The Mummy" made up to sound important.

Do feet have long or short vowel sound?

I suppose that feet has long vowel sound.

When do you use onomatopoeia?

you use onomatopoeia to give the word sound. by give i mean it is already there. lets take the word flopped. Jim flopped on the bed. the onomatopoeia if flopped because flopped has a little bit of sound with it. now that i said a little bit of sound you think all onomatopoeia has a little bit of sound. that is a no no some onomatopoeis have a lot of sound like KABLOOSH OR BOOOOM.