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Q: What is the speed limit on driver parallel lines?
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What is speed limit for newly passed driver?

Speed limits are based on the road, not the driver. Thus, unless another limit is specified, such as for trucks over a certain weight, the same speed limit applies to all drivers on that road.

What is the definition of a slow driver?

A driver who drives way below the speed limit.

What is the maximum speed limit for passenger?

same as driver

What actors and actresses appeared in Speed Limit - 2009?

The cast of Speed Limit - 2009 includes: Jeffrey Sipke as Driver

Could a driver be charged with speeding if he were not exceeding the posted speed limit?


What is the speed limit for r driver in republic of Ireland?

65 MPH!

How do you use cheats when you first start driver parallel lines?

You can't. You need to do get the car, paint it up, doo the speed test, then keep it. Then, enter the codes and then they WILL work. I have that game and that's what I did.

Where can you find shapes in the street?

*traffic signs, (stop sign=octogon, yield=equilateral triangle, do-not-enter=circle, street sign&speed limit=rectangles, etc.) *street lines=rectangle/ parallel lines don't know if this is what you're looking for...?

What is the speed limit in California on a green light at an intersection with yellow lines?

you'd need to look for a speed limit sign and ur question shall be answered

Why do the older ford explorers have red lines at 55 mph on the speedometer?

Was a time when the US Feds proclaimed 55 as the maximum speed limit. The red line was to show the driver the OK vs NOT OK speed level. Quaint, huh?

What is a yellow speed limit sign?

A yellow speed limit sign is on designed as a cautionary measure. They inform the driver that a road condition(generally a curve or hill) is coming and that a recommended speed for safety is advised.

What is the speed limit in an alley in California?

According to the California DMV, the speed limit in any alley is 15 MPH. This question is on nearly all the practice tests for the driver license.