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There is no speed for a meter per second, because that is a measure of speed itself. A meter per second (m/s) is a measure of speed, just like, say, miles per hour. Calculating speed is putting the distance (m) over time (s) and dividing. In dividing these numbers, you get a unit of speed, in this case, meters per second. A meter per second hasa speed of ONE meter per second.

It's sort of like you're asking how many grams a gram weighs.

A meter per second is a good walking speed. It is the same as 60 meters per minute, 3600 meters in 60 minutes, or 3.6 kilometers per hour.

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Q: What is the speed of a meter per second?
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What is the SI unit for constant speed?

There is no "unit for constant speed".The SI unit for speed (just "speed") is meters per second. Constant speed means there is no acceleration; the unit for acceleration is meters per second squared.

What is the S.I unit for speed?

The SI unit for speed is the same as the SI unit for velocity, which is meter per second, or m/s for short.Meter/ sec

How long does it take a bicycle to travel 2013 meter if it goes a speed of 108 meter per second?

The time does it take a bicycle to travel 2013 meter if it goes a speed of 108 meter per second is 18.63888888888889 seconds.

What is speed in meters per second?

The speed of each meter per second is the same as 3.6 kilometers per hour. As an example, 10 meters per second is 36 kilometers per hour.

What is the average wind speed of Indonesia?

5 meter per second

If a airplane speed is 850 mph what is it speed in meter per sec?

850 mph = 379.98 meters per second.

If speed is measured in meter per second and time is measured in seconds what is the Si unit for acceleration?

It is metres per second per second or metres per second squared.

How you convert speed of light meter per second square to kilogram?

You cannot

What is the wind on Uranus?

Uranus wind speed is 250 meter per second.

What two base quantities are used to measure speed?

meter per second

Meter per hour to meter per second?

0.0002777 meter per second

How do you convert 3 meter per second into seconds?

0.83333. A meter per second is a unit of speed. One meter per second is exactly 3.6 kilometers per hour, or about 2.237 miles per hour.