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speed = wavelength * frequency wavelength = 102 meters

frequency = 250 Hz = 250 cycles/second

102 * 250 = 25500 meters/second

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Q: What is the speed of a sound wave that has a wavelenght of 102 meters and a frequency of 250hz?
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If the frequency of the musical note is 26.6 Hz and the speed of sound is 345 meters per second what is the wavelenght of the musical note in meters?

Speed divided by frequency. 12.96 meters.

What are wavelenghts?

wavelenght is the distance between the 2 peaks in sound waves and can be calculated by Wavelenght is = wave speed/ frequency or wave speed __________ frequency

Do sound waves have wavelenght?

Yes. The wavelength of a sound is(speed of sound in air)/(frequency of the sound) .

What is the speed of a sound wave that has a wavelenhgth of 1.2 meters and a frequency of 250 H2?

The speed of a wave is its wavelength (λ) x frequency (ƒ).v = 땃 = 1.2m x 250Hz = 300m/s

When sound wave refracted from air to water what will remain unchanged?


What are the variables on a sound spectrogram and how are they measured?

A sound spectrogram measures the frequency and wavelengths of sound waves. The frequency is measured in Hertz and the wavelengths are measured in meters.

What is the wavelength of a sound wave with a frequency of 250Hz?

Wavelength = (wave speed)/(frequency) .The speed of sound is influenced by the density of the material it's traveling through.If that's air, it depends on the temperature, humidity, pressure, altitude, suspendedparticulate matter, etc. Whatever the speed of the sound happens to be, thewavelength of a 250 Hz sound will be (speed, units per second)/(250) units.A typical speed of sound in sea-level air is around 340 meters per second. At thatspeed, the wavelength of the same sound is340/250 = 136 centimeters

If a sound has a wavelength of 2 meters What is its frequency?

the answer and not the equation is 171.5 hz

The speed of sound is approximately 340 meters per second If a sound wave has a wavelength of 0.68 meters the frequency will be approximately?

500 hertz

What is the wavelength if the frequency of sound equals 880 Hz?

That would also depend on the speed. Note that sound can go at quite different speeds, depending on the medium and the temperature. Use the formula speed (of sound) = frequency x wavelength. Solving for wavelength: wavelength = speed / frequency. If the speed is in meters / second, and the frequency in Hertz, then the wavelength will be in meters.

Are loudness and pitch properties of sound or property of waves?

Loudness and pitch are properties of sound which can be determined by looking at the sound wave. You have a high pitch when the frequency of the wave increases or the wavelenght (lambda) decreases. When the amplitude increases the loudness of the wave increases as well.

What is the speed of sound wave that has a wavelength of 1.2 meters and a frequency of 250?