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Q: What is the speed of the fastest ball in cricket?
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What is the speed of the fastest ball thrown ever in cricket matches?


Who bowled the fastest cricket ball in Australia and at what speed?

Shourn tait

Who threw the fastest ball in the world of cricket?

shoaib akhtar had thrown the fastest ball of 163.4 mph.

Who bowled fastest ball in cricket and at what speed?

The fastest delivery officially recorded was clocked at 161.38 km/h (100.3 mph) and was bowled by Shoaib Akhtar of Pakistan

Fastest ball in history of cricket?

the fastest ball in cricket history was bowled by shoib akhtar against nick knight during 2003 world cup at 100mph

Who has bowled the fastest ball in cricket history?

The fastest ball recorded in cricketing history was bowled by a Pakistani bowler, Shoab Akhtar in World Cup 2003 in a match against England. Speed of ball - 161.3 kph (Source : Wikipedia)

Fastest ball by Shuan Tait in cricket?

100.1 KMPH

Which is the fastest ball in the cricket?

It was Shoaib Akhtar's ball, which is 100 mph or 161 kph.

What was the speed of the fastest cricket ball?

i think it was 101.9mph(163kph)app. by Mohammad sami of Pakistan vs India played by rahul dravid

Fastest soccer ball speed?

The fastest recorded speed for a soccer ball is around 131 mph. The ball was kicked by Ronny Heberson in 2006.

Fastest Cricket Ball Bowled?

Shoiab Akthar is the fastest bowler in World's cricket. he bowled at a rapid pace of 161.3 km/Ph

Who bowled the fastest over in cricket?

Mohammad sami 101.9 mph or 164 kph against the India is th fastest ball in the history of cricket .

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