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The frequency, aloe, is not enough to determine the speed. It is necessary to know the wave length as well.

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Q: What is the speed of the wave if the frequency 8.0 hertz?
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What is the speed of a wave when the frequency of the wave is 80 hertz and 16 cm?

Wave speed = (frequency) x (wavelength) = (80 per second) x (0.16 meter) = 12.8 meters/second

What is the speed of the wave if the frequency is 80 Hz and the wavelength is 4m?

The speed of any wave is the product of frequency x wavelength.

What are the unit of wavelength?

Hertz is a measurement of wavelength. It is the number of cycles in a second. You can also measure wavelength by the length of the wave moving at the speed of light. 3.5 MHZ (Mega Hertz) is about 80 meters long.

How many wave cycles pass a specific point in a second if the frequency is given as 80 Hz?

As frequency is 80 Hz, then 80 wave cycles pass a specific point in one second.

How many wavelength is it 80Hz?

Hz is a unit of frequency. 80 Hz (hertz) means 80 vibrations (or cycles) per second.

What does 80 Hz mean?

80 HZ is the frequency of a wave varying at 80 times per second. It could be an acoustic wave (sound), or an electromagnetic wave. (radio or power line)

When the frequency of the source of a water wave increases the speed of the waves traveling in the water increases. Is this a true or false statement?

The statement, when the frequency of the source of a water wave increases the speed of the waves traveling in the water increases is true. It is stated that sound will travel through the water at 20 degrees Celsius faster than water at 80 degrees.

What is the wavelength of 80 Hz?

Wavelength = (speed) divided by (frequency) For sound:-- speed = 343 meters per second -- Wavelength = (343/80) = 4.29 meters (rounded) For electromagneticradiation in vacuum: -- speed = 299,792,458 meters per second -- Wavelength = (299,792,458 / 80) = 3,747.4 kilometers(rounded)

What did heinrich hertz do for us in science?

Hertz invented the special Hertz Freezer which keeps food good for up to 80% longer than other freezers.

What is the wavelength of a sound wave in steel and an electromagnetic wave in vacuum having a frequency of 75 Hz?

-- The speed of sound in steel ranges generally between 3,000 - 6,000 meters per second,depending on the composition of the steel.A 75-Hz sound in steel would have a wavelength of 40 to 80 meters.-- The speed of electromagnetic radiation in vacuum is roughly 300,000,000 meters per second ...nominally 50,000 to 100,000 times the speed of sound in steel.A 75-Hz radio wave in vacuum has a wavelength of 4,000 kilometers.

A musical tone sounded on a piano has a frequency of 410 Hz and a wavelength of 80m What is the speed of the sound wave?

speed of emission = wavelength per cycle * cycles per second 80 * 410 = 32,800 meters per second. (Significant figures rules may apply so 33,000 may also be a correct answer).

What will happen when 80hz motor will conect to 50 hz?

Frequency variation effects greatly the speed of the motor. In this particular case the motor will run slow as the frequency(50hz) is less than the required frequency(80hz). here the motor will run : ((50-80)/80)*100%= -37.5%,i.e. 37.5% slower than normal condition.

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