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1024 square feet.

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Q: What is the square footage of a 32' by 32' house?
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What is the square footage of the private living quarters for Obama and family in the White House?

square footage of white house

What is the square footage of 4 x 8?


What is square footage for 28x32?

28 by 32 is equal to 896 square feet.

What is square footage?

Square footage is a measure of an area. It is usually for areas for which square feet is a sensible measurement unit, such as a room, or a house. However, we have had people asking about the square footage of countries!

What is the average square footage of a European house?

The average square footage of a European house is very small. These homes are usually less than 1000 square feet on average.

8 foot by 4 feet what the square footage?

32 ft2

What is the square footage of a two bedroom house?

It depends.

What was the square footage of Michael's house?

34 inches2

How get square footage of drywall?

You multiply the width by the length to get square footage. Example 4x8 sheet is 32 sqare feet, 4x12 ft board has 48 square feet.

How many feet are in a house?

House dimensions are measured in Square Feet. How many square feet are in a house depends on the size and the layout of the house. For example, many houses do not have equal footage of all outside walls. Also, square footage of each room is smaller that the footage of outside walls, to subtract for walls, fireplaces, etc. Also, any outdoor additions (porches, patios) are not counted in sq. footage of the house.

Average square footage of a 2-bedroom house?

The average square footage of a 2 bedroom house is around 1600 to 2400 square feet. Most two bedroom houses are built on the small side.

Square footage of a house?

To find the square footage you should multiply the length and width of each room, and add up the results to give you the total square feet.

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