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If the room is rectangular, just multiply length x width.

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Q: What is the square meters of a room 10.1 x 10.5?
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How many meters are there in a room 10 feet by 10 and a half feet?

105 square feet = 9.755 square meters.

What is the square meters of 7 meters x 15 meters?

7 x 15 = 105 square meters

105 square meters is how many square yards?

125.6 square yards.

What is 105 square meters in feet?

Answer: 105 m² = 1130.210 ft² OR 1130 ft² and 30.32 in²

Which unit of measure would be appropriate for the area of a soccer field that is 105 meters long and 67 meters wide?

Unit of length for the width of soccer field is meters.

How many square meters are in 10500 square cm?

since there are 100 cm in one meter, and you are trying to figure out how many meters, divide the answer 10500 by 100 which gives you 105 squared meters.

How do i convert inches into square meters?

my room is ; 124 INCHES X 105 INCHES HOW MANY SQUARE METERS OF CARPET DO I NEED TO COVER IT?You cannot.An inch is a measure of length or distance while a square metre is a measure of area. The two measure different things and, according to basic principles of dimensional analysis, conversion from one to the other is not valid.

How many feet is -105 meters?

105 meters = ~344.5 feet

How many millimeters are there in 105 meters?

105 meters=105,000 millimeters

How many square meters in Ewood park Blackburn?

The area of Ewood Park is equal to 105 x 69.5 = 7297.5 square metres.

How many yards is 105 meters?

105 m = 114.829 yrd

How many square feet is a room 10'6 x 10'?

Multiply width by length to get the area. The answer would be 105 square feet.