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Huh? The square root of 49 is 7.

4 squared is 16

Take it from there

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Q: What is the square root of 49 is how much less then four squared?
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How much area is 4 squared meters in feet?

Four square meters is 43.1 square feet.

How much is four squared?

Four squared is sixteen.

The square root of 81 is how much less than 7 squared?

well, the square root of 81 is 9, and seven squared is 49, so it wud be 40

How much is 44000 kilometers squared in miles squared?

44,000 square kilometers is about 16,988.5 square miles.

How much greater is 4 squared than the square root of 4?

4 squared is 16 The square root of 4 is 2 Hence, 4 squared is 14 greater than the square root of 4.

How much is one half foot squared?

One half foot squared is one quarter of a square foot (36 square inches).

How much is 19ftx10ft in metre square?

17.65 meters squared

How much is 392 meters squared?

4,219.5 square feet.

How much is a thousand square meters?

100 meters squared

471 meters squared is equal to how much square feet?

471 (square meters) = 5,069.80181 square feet.

How much is 100 feet squared in inches?

100 square feet is 14,400 square inches.

What is a list of square numbers from 50 to 90?

There are two, 64 and 81. The first is 8 squared and the second is 9 squared. 10 squared is too much and 7 squared is too little.

How much is eight squared?

Eight squared is like saying you take eight multiplied by eight. In this case it equals out to sixty four.

1400 square feet is how much squared yard?

1,400 square feet = (1,400 / 9) = 155 and 5/9ths square yards

Is the square root of 5 closer to 2 or 3?

The square root of 5 is closer to 2. 2 squared is 4 and 3 squared is 9. 4 is much closer to 5 than 9.

How much is 6 meters sqaured in feet?

Six meters squared is 64.58 square feet.

How much faces and vertices does a square pyramid have?

Four faces four vertices

How much does an acre of land measure In squared meters?

one acre is equivalent to 4046.944557 square meter

How much is the square root of six teen?


How much is 42 squared meters in square feet?

Answer: 42 m² = 452.084 ft² OR 452 ft² and 12.13 in²

How much congruent sides does a square have?

It has four congruent sides.

What is squrare root?

A square root is a number which multipled by itself equals the number in question. The square root of 9 is 3, much like 3 squared is 9.

How much is 164 meters squared in square feet?

164 m2 x 10.76391 ft2/m2 ≈ 1765 ft2

How much square meters are there in 4 acres?

Four acres is 16,187.4m2

How much is -1 squared?

-1 squared is 1.