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Red because ice cream has no bones!

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Q: What is the square root of a bowl of oat meal?
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Is Fried cereal Considered oat meal?

Yes,Yes it is. It is almost the same exact thing! but oat meal is much creamier! :)

Does oatmeal have bugs in it?

They are called oat meal bugs

Where are banana oat meal cokies from?

from grandmothers who bake them

What food looks like in your stomach?

oat meal

Why you do not provide full boxes of raisin and spice instant oat meal?

raisins and spice aren't included in instant oat meal because I think that's optional - you can eat oatmeal plain.

Can you substitute oat meal for oat bran?

if recipe calls for 3/4 cup wheat bran how much oatmeal do you use?

What is a healthy breakfeast?

oat meal is a really helthy breakfast.

Can dogs eat oat meal?

yes if wet no if dry

Why oatmeal is lumpy?

its oat meal its lumpy

Is making oat meal a chemical change?

no its a physical change.

Is oat meal increase blood sugar?

Stay are school.

Is matzo balls have gluten?

Most matzah is made from wheat, so most matzah has gluten, and most matzah balls are made from commonplace matzah meal. Gluten-free oat matzah is available. if you make your matzah meal from oat matzah, and then make your matzah balls from oat matzah, then they will be gluten free.

Why cereals are versatile food ingredients?

oats. (plain oat meal)

One cup of oat meal how many grams?

80 grams

Who was the leader of the quaker?

William penn who is the person on the oat meal boxes

What did a roman eat for breakfast?

They eat pottage which was a oat based meal

Can you use oat bran in place of oatmeal for apple crisp?

Oat bran is too hard. Oat meal is the starchy part of the seed. The bran is the seed "chaff". Bran makes a nice fibre additive though.

What is the meaning of scone?

A cake, thinner than a bannock, made of wheat or barley or oat meal.

What can you eat while on a diet?

oat meal,ommulet,egg whites,granola bar

What to have for breakfast?

cereal, pancakes, waffles, coffee, oat meal, orange juice, sandwiches

Do chickens like oat meal?

Mine certainly do, but they all have their own different tastes.

What is Biden's favorite food?

he really likes ice cream and oat meal cookies.

What does the daily value of oat meal fish corn grapes milk and broccoli have in common?


What are the staple foods in Scotland?

oat meal is a very good example of a staple food of scotland!!

Does drinking oat meal with water make you skinny?

yes it does take Josh Miles for example