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Q: What is the square root symbol put before a number to show that a root of it is to be found?
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What is the number you are finding the square root of called?

The number of which the square root is to be found is called the "radicand." The symbol before the number is called the radical sign. ( √ ) E.g. √4 = 2, √25 = 5

What is found in the square of an element on the periodic table?

Following are mentioned in the squares:1. Symbol of element2. Atomic number

How do you insert a square root number into a PowerPoint presentation?

The answer can be found at

What does each piece mean what piece of info can be found in a square of the periodic table?

Each square in periodic table contains following: 1. symbol of the element 2. atomic number

How is the magic number in a magic square found?

if the magic square is magic then it is found inside bananas.

What is the symbol for chi square?

The Greek letter chi (lower case): χ which is very similar to X except the forward stroke is curved at each end. It is part of unicode, found in Microsoft word and other programs, symbol number 03C7.

Which prime number is found between another prime number and a square number?

3 is found between 2 and 4.

What is neons chemical symbol?

The Symbol for Neon is Ne. Capital N lowercase e.The symbol for the element, Neon is Ne. It has an atomic number of 10 and can be found in group number 18.

What are the symbols used for dividing and multiplying in a spreadsheet?

the multiple symbol is a little star which can be found on the number 8 and the divide symbol is the forward slash which can be also found on the ? key

Where can the mass number be found on an element square?

At the bottom of the square in most of the ones that I've seen.

Where can the flammable symbol be found?

Where can the flammable symbol be found

What is A number found by multiplying the previous term by the same number?

It is the square of the previous term.