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It is a nominal scale.

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What is the statistical scale of measurement for weight?

It is Newtons.

What scale of measurement would use to determine a persons age?


How do you choose the most appropriate statistical procedure?

To choose the appropriate statistical test, the following four question must be answered; What are your dependent and independent variables? What is scale of measurement of the variables? How many groups/samples are there in the study? Have I have met the assumptions of the statistical test?

Is age an interval or ratio scale of measurement?

It is a ratio scale of measurement.

What is the measurement scale in meters?

It is the metric or SI scale for linear measurement.

Why is the Celsius temperature scale NOT a metric measurement?

The Celsius temperature scale is NOT a metric measurement, because degrees Celsius is parallel measurement of Kelvin, and Kelvin is not a metric measurement.

What is the highest measurement on the Beaufort scale?

The Highest measurement of Beaufort scale is 12, which refers to Hurricane-force.

How does the Richter scale know if there is an aftershock?

The Richter scale does not know anything. The Richter scale is a measurement of the magnitude of an earthquake. The numbers of the scale represent a quantifiable measurement or range of the strength.

What is the highest measurement you have to be to go on the highest measurement ride?

The Richter scale is the highest measurement

What measurement scale has an absolute zero point?

The Kelvin Scale

What would be an appropriate scale of measurement for a small scale map showing a large region?

Which of the following would be an appropriate scale of measurement for a small scale map showing a large region :

What is scale conversion?

Scale conversion is about showing relationships between different units of measurement. It is a dictionary and shows measurement relationships.

What is a Mercalli intensity scale?

Mercalli is a scale for the measurement of earthquake intensities.

Is a blood glucose sliding scale a ratio-scale measurement?


What does not to scale mean?

Not to scale indicates something done NOT according to the proportions of an established scale of measurement

What is the measurement is recorded in percentages?

Any measurement on a ratio scale can be recorded as a percentage.

What measurement is the Celsius scale numerally equal to the Fahrenheit scale?

-40 degrees.

What is the level of measurement for pain level scale of 0 to 10?

It is an ordinal scale.

What does gauge mean?

A standard or scale of measurement.

What is the measurement sign for an earthquakes?

The Richter scale

What does guage mean?

A standard or scale of measurement.

What is the scale of measurement of GRE scores?


What is the measurement of earthquake is called?

Richter scale

What can a vernier scale be used for?

Accurate measurement.

How can you measure the weight of a single penny using a bathroom scale?

Get on the scale without the penny, take a measurement. Get on the scale with* the penny, take a second measurement. The difference is the weight of the penny. Note - it will be more accurate with a Digital bathroom scale.