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Groudon or Rayquaza is the strongest Pokemon in Emerald. Groudon isn't as legendary as Rayquaza, but it lacks Sp. Attack. but suffices in Attack. Metagross or Deoxys would be third strongest.

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2010-04-09 21:38:35
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Q: What is the strongest Pokemon in Emerald?
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Who is the strongest Pokemon in Emerald?

I think the strongest Pokemon in emerald is blaziken

What is the strongest Pokemon you can catch in emerald?

well the strongest Pokemon you can catch is raqazza a legendary dragon Pokemon

What Pokémon is the most powerfull on Pokémon Emerald?

The strongest Pokemon on Pokemon emerald would probley be raquaza

What is the strongest start off in Pokemon emerald?


What is the strongest Pokemon in pokemonm emerald version?

Rayquaza Definetly Because Emerald is about Rayquaza.

How can you get the strongest Pokemon ever on Pokemon emerald version?

clone rare candies

Whats the strongest Pokemon in Pokemon emerald?

The strongest Pokemon is probably one of these three. Rayquaza Groudon or Kyoger. These three are the main legendaries of this game.

What is the strongest Pokemon in emerald that is not legendary?

It depends on how high you train your Pokemon to level wise

Who is the strongest trainer in Pokemon Emerald and Platinum?

The Frontier Brains and the Champions.

Who is the1st strongest Pokemon in emerald?

Rayquaza the Legendary Sky Dragon is the Cover Pokemon of the game Pokemon Emerald... But that does'nt mean it's the strongest... It still depends on the type of Pokemon... Do you know that a good built Ice Type Pokemon can 1-hit-defeat a Dragon Type Pokemon like Rayquaza?

Who is the most powerful Pokemon on Pokemon emerald?

raquezza is the strongest

What is the strongest pokemon on ruby?

The most powerfull Pokemon in Pokemon ruby i think is Groundon,SAphire Kyogre,Emerald RAyquasa??

Best Pokémon to catch in Pokémon emerald?

The best Pokemon to catch in emerald is rayquaza. It has great speed and awesome strength. If you teach it the right it might the strongest Pokemon.

Who is the best dragon type Pokemon in Emerald?

The strongest dragon type in pokemon Emerald, Sapphire and Ruby, is the legendary pokemon Rayquaza. In terms of non-legendary pokemon, both salamance and flygon are strong dragon types.

Is Groudon and Kyogre legendary Pokemon?

what are you crazy, they are two of the strongest legendary Pokemon but you can still clone them in emerald, look it up

What are the 6 strongest Pokemon in emerald?

Groudon, kyogre, rayquaza, mewtwo, lugia, ho-oh.

Strongest Pokemon in Pokemon Emerald?

Well to me, it depends what type your strongest with, water go for Kyogre, if and ground catch Groudon, and if you like dragon or flying type getraquaza.(apparently I don't think arceas is in Emerald).

What is the strongest Pokemon on emerald?

I don't know if these is 100% ture but all my friends and I all decided that the strongest Pokemon in Emerald, Ruby or Saphire is most likely, one of the other super ancient Pokemon. Jirichie is suriosly strong too, I was able to kick my friend's level 78 Groudon with a level 51 Jirichie.

What is the strongest pokeball in Pokemon emerald?

a masterball cause it is the most powerfull pokeball with 100% catch rate to any pokemon

At what level does Abra evolve in emerald?

abra evolves into kadabra at level 16 on pokemon emerald best way give abra the exp share and use ur strongest pokemon and go 2 the victory road or pokemon legue

What is the strongest 4 non legendary Pokemon in Pokemon emerald?

Swampert Wailord Arrgon salamance

In Pokémon emerald what does the guy in petalburgs Pokémon do?

if it is the gym leader, his Pokemon are strong focused. they are powerful. his strongest is slaking.

Strongest pokemon in emerald?

Rayquaza is pretty good. You can also use Groudon or Kyogre. Rayquazy's the best, though.

Strongest Pokemon emerald?

1. Raypuaza. 2. Groudon. 3. Kyogre.

Is lugia the strongest Pokemon?

yes it is the strongest Pokemon