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majestic star dragon.

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Q: What is the strongest card in yugioh?
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What is the best Yugioh card?

Exodia is not the strongest card because it is not a single card it is five different cards the answer is oblisk the tormentor

What is the strongest dragon yu gi oh card?

there's no best yugioh card cuz each card is good in its own special way

Yugioh yubel card value?

$2.50 + $0.74 is the value of the Yugioh yubel card plus shipping.

How do you sort cards in Yu-Gi-Oh Card Maker?

The website then you can say everything a regular yugioh card has but you can change the picture, effect, name, any number of att and def, any attribute, any type and and creator. If you have the type of paper a regular yugioh card is then you would have the strongest deck ever.

Strongest yugioh card?

master of dragon knight(black luster soildier on top of blue eyes ultimate),or five god dragon,have 2 of each

What is the worst yugioh card?

winged kuribo

Which Yugioh magic card cuts 2 stars from a card?

Cost Down

What is the best card in the Yugioh trading card game?

There is no best card. All depends how you use them.

Best yugioh 4 star 1800 attack monsters?

Alexandrite Dragon is strongest.

What wicked god card is the leader?

I would believe it is The Wicked Avatar, since Yako used it as his key monster in Yugioh R. That, and his Egyptian counterpart is Obelisk the tormentor, which is considered to be the strongest of the 3.

Is wave motion cannon a banned card?

The Yugioh Card Wave Motion cannon is not a banned card

Is hand control a real card in yugioh?

There is no real card such as Hand Control, it was an anime-only card.

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