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you have to write an algebraic expression.

your number can be any thing you want... lets call it (q)

the sum means you add the numbers. so...

q + 23

the word (IS) in algebra means equal to so...

q + 23 = 20

so what number added to 23 will equal to 20

the answer is negative 3


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Q: What is the sum of a number and 23 is twenty?
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23 + 27 = 50

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3(x+21) = 2(x+23)3x+63=2x+46x=-17

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3(X + 3) = X + 23 3X + 9 = X +23 2X = 14 X = 7

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Then the number is 16

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square of 5=5*5=25 Now sum of 23 and square of 5=23+25=48 Now one third of sum of 23 and square of 5=48/3 =16 Hence 16 is answer

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12 + 5 + 6 = 23

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"the difference between a number and eight is twenty-two

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No 23 is a prime #

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11 and 12.