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Q: What is the sum of one eighth and one sixteenth?
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What is the sum of one sixteenth note plus one sixteenth note?

Two sixteenth notes held together are equivalent to one eighth note.

What is one eighth plus one sixteenth?

three sixteenth

What is half of one eighth?

Half of one eighth is one sixteenth.

What is one eighth of sixteenth?


What is a half of one eighth?

one sixteenth.

What is half of 1 eighth?

One sixteenth.

Is one eighth smaller than three sixtenth?

yes it one eighth is smaller by one sixteenth

What is the lcd of one sixteenth and one eighth?

It is a sixteenth because 1/8 is the same as 2/16

Is one sixteenth plus one sixteenth one eighth?

7/8 + 1/16 is 15/16

Does half of one eighth equal a quarter?

No, it equals one sixteenth.

How many sixteenth notes in one eighth note?


What is the difference between an eighth note and a sixteenth note?

A sixteenth note gets half the value of an eight note. Ex. If an eighth note got one count, a sixteenth note would get one half count.

What is the difference between eighth notes and sixteenth notes?

Two sixteenth notes take up the same amount of time/space as one eighth note.

What is the greatest possible error ten and one eighth?

In that form, one sixteenth.

How many sixteenth notes equal one eighth notes?


How many sixteenth notes does an eighth note have?

A sixteenth note is half the duration of an eighth note, so there are two 1/16th note in one 1/8th note.

What 2 rests equal 1 eighth rest?

Two sixteenth rests equal one eighth rest

How many sixteenth notes equals 3 eighth notes?

Six. One eighth note = two sixteenth notes, because a 1/16 note is half the duration of an 1/8 note. So, 3 eighth notes (x2) is six sixteenth notes.

What is one half of one eights?

One half of one eighth is one sixteenth or 1/16.

What is half of an eighth note?

Half of an eighth note is a sixteenth note.

How many eighth notes equal a sixteenth note?

Half. Sixteenth note is half of eighth note and is played twice as fast.

What is half of a eighth note?

Sixteenth note

What is the other note after eighth note?

If after means shorter length, then that would be a sixteenth note. Two sixteenth notes equal an eighth note.

How many 16th notes are in one dotted eighth note?

A dotted eighth note is equal in duration to three sixteenth notes.

3 eighth notes equal how many sixteenth notes?

6 sixteenth notes