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Q: What is the sum of the 3rd and 5th term in the sequence where the nth term is 3n-4?
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What is the 5th term of the sequence which has a first term of 17?

That depends what the pattern of the sequence is.

What is the 5th term of this geometric sequence 100 20 4 0.8 ...?


What is the fifth term of the arithmetic sequence 7 4 1?

As you are taking 3 away each time, the 5th term will be -5.

How to find the 5th term in an arithmetic sequence using the explicit rule?

Nth number in an arithmetic series equals 'a + nd', where 'a' is the first number, 'n' signifies the Nth number and d is the amount by which each term in the series is incremented. For the 5th term it would be a + 5d

What is the 5th term of the given sequence 31-1-3.....?

If you mean: +3 +1 -1 -3 then it is -5

How was the Fibonacci pattern formed?

1 1 2 3 5 etc start with 1 and 1 and to get the 3rd term 1+1 = 2 add 2nd and 3rd term to get 4th --- 1 + 2 = 3 add 3rd and 4th term to get the 5th --- 2 + 3 = 5 etc

What is the nth term of the sequence 2 4 6 8?

Ok, take the formula dn+(a-d) this is just when having a sequence with a common difference dn+(a-d) when d=common difference, a=the 1st term, n=the nth term - you have the sequence 2, 4, 6, 8... and you want to find the nth term therefore: dn+(a-d) 2n+(2-2) 2n Let's assume you want to find the 5th term (in this case, the following number in the sequence) 2(5) = 10 (so the fifth term is 10)

How far does the stone fall during the 5th second Find and use the explicit formula. What is the first term of the sequence How far does the stone fall during the 5th second Find and use the explicit?


What is the next series 14101931?

If the sequence is 1,4,10,19,31,...... Then the sequence formula is, 1 + 3/2n(n - 1) Confirm 5th term....1 + (3/2 x 5 x 4) = 1 + 30 = 31 the 6th (next) term = 1 + (3/2 x 6 x 5) = 1 + 45 = 46

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What is the 21st term in this sequence 1 -2 -5 -8 -11?

This is arithmetic progression with common difference of minus three...Formula:First Term +[ (number of term you want-1)*(common difference which is negative 3)]ExampleFor the 3RD term: -5=1+[(3-1)*(-3)]=1+[-6]= -5For 5TH term: -11=1+[(5-1)*(-3)]=1+(-12)=-11.: For the 21st term:=1+[(21-1)*(-3)]=1+[-60]= -59:D

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The first term in a geometric sequence is -14 The common ratio is ยฝ What is the 5th term in the sequence?

first you need to write your equation. This is an exponential function so the equation would be- A(N)=a(b)^n-1 where a is the first term in the sequence (for you a=-14) b is the common ratio (for you b=1/2) and n= the number of term in your sequence (for you n=5, but it can be any number you want to find the nth sequence of.) Now take the equation a(n)=a(b)^n-1 and plug in your variables- Now your equation is a(5)=-14(1/2)^5-1 The first step to solving this is simplifying your exponent- so subtract 1 from five then your equation would read a(5)=-14(1/2)^4 Now solve the exponent then you would have a(5)=-14(1/16) then all you have to do is multiply a(5)=-7/8 So the fifth term in your sequence is -7/8 I hope this helped. :)

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What is the 5th term of 3 6 12?

Each term seems to be double of the previous number starting with 3. Hence 4th term = 24 and 5th is 48

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What is the 10th term in an arithmetic sequence whose 5th term is 4 and 7th term is 10?

U5 = a + 5n = 4 U7 = a + 7n = 10 Therefore 2n = 6 and so n = 3 and then a = 4 - 5n = 4 - 15 = -11 So Un = -11 + 3n and therefore, U10 = a + 10n = -11 + 10*3 = -11 + 30 = 19

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