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Its wrong the answer is 82
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Q: What is the sum of the 9th square number and the 1st cube number?
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What is the 9th cube number?

It is: 9*9*9 = 729

What is the 9 th square number?

The 9th square number is 81

When does welfare sent out food stamps in California?

it depends on the last number of your case. it can be anywhere from the 1st to the 9th of the month

What is the scale factor from a square yard to a square foot?

The square yard is a square 3 feet on a side, so its area is 9 square feet. That means a square foot is 1/9th of a square yard. The scale factor is 1/9th.

What is the 9th number in the Fibonacci sequence?

According to Fibonacci, who started with 1, the 9th number is 34. Modern mathematicians, who start with 0, consider 21 the 9th number.

What day is the military parade in Red Square?

Traditionally there was one on the 1st of May, but others happen, such as ones to mark the victory over the Nazis, which happens on the 9th of May.

What was the number of the date Harriet Tubman was born?

9th of March 9th of March 9th of March 9th of March

What is the result of 1st year of roll number 158261?

Q: what is result of 9th class topper lahore board 2011?

How much is 12 dollars per yard in square feet?

If a square yard of something is $12, then one square foot of it (1/9th of a square yard), would be worth $1.33 (1/9th times $12, rounded to the nearest penny).

What is the 9th squared number number?


What are the names of the symphonies that Beethoven composed?


When is Hanukkah 2010?

December 1st-9th 2010

What is Oregon ranked in square miles?

Oregon, USA is ranked 9th in size with 98,386 square miles.

What is the 9th largest country?

Kazakhstan is the 9th largest country. It has an area of 2,717,300 square km. and a population of 16,440,586 people as of 2013.

When is hanukah in 2010?

Hanukkah is December 1st to 9th, 2010.

How many yards are there in 100 square feet?

A yard is 9 square feet so 100 square feet is 11 and 1/9th yards.

What is the answer to Impossible Quiz number 92 the order of their heads NOT the numbers?

It goes: 6th; 1st; 4th; 8th; 5th; 2nd; 7th; 9th and then the third. Good Luck! :D.

What is the 9th prime number?


What is 1 9th of 700 thousand square feet?

77,777.78 sq.ft.

When did you conceive if your due date is 27th December?

from the 1st to 9th of April :)

What is the rank of Camden county Georgia?

9th in the country 1st in the state

What is Ethiopia rank in the cattle industry?

9th in the world and 1st in Africa.

How many square yard in a square foot?

There are 1/9 square yards in 1 square foot.

How much concrete would you need to cover an area of 1 square yard at a depth of 4 inches?

4 inches = 4/9 = 1/9th yard 1 square yard x 1/9th yard = 1/9th cubic yard = 3 cubic feet

Where is the Amazement Square in Lynchburg Virginia located?

The address of the Amazement Square is: 27 9Th St, Lynchburg, VA 24504-1422

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